Sunday, November 2, 2014

weight loss motivation

Losing weight. This will keep your motivation high. 10 tips
If you want to lose weight, you have to be motivated. Otherwise you achieve any results. But sometimes it's not easy to stay motivated. We have 10 tips for you to keep the spirits up. Apply them at times when you're tempted to succumb. For that cream point
  1. Apply a bikini and look at yourself in the mirror. Would you currently ready for the beach? The next meal you create fixed on smaller portions.
  2. Ask yourself while eating a pastry whether it is actually really worth it?Is this "calorie bomb" really so heavenly? Often the answer is no, and this will have a part of your appetite disappear.
  3. When should you eat something delicious, or really be worth. WorthSave all 'moderate' tasty things. Be selective.
  4. Buy a smaller plate for yourself. Smaller plates lead to smaller portions.
  5. To Drink in salads and fruit and remember how much healthier you eat now you have decided something Dieting. A treat for your body
  6. Remember that you will also be better of healthy eating. A more beautiful skin, beautiful hair, beautiful nails.
  7. Promise yourself a small gift like a pound or a kilo (it depends on your goal down) from is.
  8. Hang tight dress that you no longer fit well in sight.
  9. Trek (in your spare time) the pants last year at that. Not for a while but the whole day. Confront the rolls of fat that were not there last year.
  10. Summarize comments from people who feel that you have become "fat" (where they interfere with it!) As a challenge. This summer they will envy you! 

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