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best birth control for weight loss

best birth control for weight loss

Thicken the pill

Starting the pill or the long time use of the pill: some women believe that the pill is make you fat.The weight gain is therefore attributed to the pill.What is this true?

The contraceptive pill

Birth control pills, also known colloquially abbreviated to the pill is used to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. This pill is also prescribed for women with menstrual problems such as heavy periods. The pill can also postpone a menstrual period, so it is also used for this purpose by women.

The pill is prescribed by a general practitioner, gynecologist or medical clinic or institution. There is no minimum age associated with the use of the pill. Should the girl or woman at least once have however been menstruating. The pill can only go do his work as he is meant for

Thicken the pill

It is sometimes claimed that the pill make you fat: you would through to gain weight. This is partially true. Is more fluid by swallowing the pill, held. Especially in the first two to three months, this is very noticeable. Moisture has weight: who retains moisture, so is also more weight. Most women get the first six months after using the pill average of one kilogram in weight. This extra pounds is thus no storage of fat. Fluid retention disappears after they stop taking the pill. If a lot of fluid retention while using the pill, it may be best just along the (family) doctor. It can see if the pill is the culprit, or whether there is another problem.

More like eating the pill

The pill contains hormones. These hormones can make you get more sense in ensuring good food: mainly snacks and sweets are very attractive. Those who give in to these cravings will gain weight faster. Who eats more than is consumed, will store the extra food as fat. 

It is true that you thickens the pill when you give in to cravings that can cause the hormones. Not every woman experiences the increasing appetite as much: one has hardly affected at all, while the other can not satisfy her hunger but. It is important not to give in to this trait: drink plenty of water and take any soup in between. over time the body gets used to the hormones and the draw will decrease. But who once admitted, will find that it is difficult to come here again since. 

Most women do not realize that their increasing tension can be attributed to the pill. The extra snacking and snacking occurs gradually, and the pounds will also increase gradually with the passage of the years.

The pill makes you fat by calories

The pill contains no energy value: who swallows a pill every day, so will not really arrive here. Eating a single chocolate but does produce energy: about 64 Kcal per candy. You need to burn, this bonbon again 20-25 minutes walking (3 mph). 

Lose weight and birth control pills

Some women using the pill in a few years many kilos. This is due to cravings for snacks, which is caused by the pill. Who has trouble losing weight, the best, whether or not temporarily stop taking the pill. This makes it easier to lose weight. Please note the use of another contraceptive. After drop can be started again with the pill. Please note that the appetite for sweets or snacks this may come back. Do not give in, but take alternatives such as an apple, a glass of water or broth. A sugar-free gum may peckish, because one is chronically busy chewing. Sports or any other form of exercise allows the hunger for snacks forget. After exercise may be that one has extra hungry: brown bread and savory (meat or cheese)
 alleviate the hunger in a healthy way.

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