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calories for weight loss

Calories and weight loss: slimming

One kilogram of body fat contains about 7500 calories. So if we want to lose weight, a kilo we must realize a calorie deficit of 7500 calories.
This can be realized by following apply: an increase in the burning of calories, or by the reduction of energy intake. The ideal situation is a combination of both.
Suppose your daily requirement of calories per day is 2000. To the risk of losing a kilo you need about two weeks to reduce your calorie intake to 1500.
Of course, this is purely theoretical. the same result can be achieved if you could work out every day and would burn as 500 calories. A combination of calorie reduction and somewhat hefty sport efforts should lead to healthy weight loss.
An information session on foods and calories.
Each gram of carbohydrate or protein contains 4 calories. Fat does better at 9 calories per gram. Alcohol comes close and has to make do with 7 calories per gram.
One obvious way to reduce your calorie intake is therefore to cut down a high alcohol content. Consumption of foods with excessive fat and beverages
Healthy eating is an important factor in all diets and diets. A nutritious diet promotes weight loss in several ways:
  • First, our metabolism (the way we burn food) must have a number of minerals and vitamins at his disposal. The functioning of our metabolism Without these nutrients disturbed. Consequently, our food is not as rap burned. This will have a negative effect on the weight loss.
  • Second, our digestive system will be without adequate food our food harder to digest and process.
The most unhealthy type of food (in terms of calories and nutritional value) are called "empty calories".Especially alcoholic beverages contain calories.
The beverages have very small amounts of energy, but possess large quantities of calories. They fill our bodies with junk, no useful nutrients.
Anyone who are overweight or who wishes to lose weight, to avoid these "empty calories". Examples of these high calorie foods without proper nutrients: energy drinks, all regular sodas, candy, alcoholic beverages, ...
Also "calorie dense" foods can be better avoided. This flock contains a lot of calories (eg butter, mayonnaise, sausage, full-fat cheese), or a combination of sugar and fat. Of course, consuming such food is not a good option if you want to lose weight.

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