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No carb diet ? this is Lose weight with a low carb diet

Lose weight with a low carb diet
low carb diet
 Lose weight with a low carb diet
In a low carb diet you eat (much) less carbohydrates and more protein and fat often.
This helps in losing weight, because the production of insulin is reduced, making your body store less fat.
Weight loss is based on eating less bread, pasta and potatoes;
and just more meat, eggs, legumes and nuts.
The secret is not to lose weight by cutting calories, but lose by less carbohydrates.

 A low carb diet or a low carbohydrate diet is a diet where you eat fewer carbohydrates than in a normal diet. There are several low carb diets, which to some are very well known. Examples include Atkins Diet, Dukan Diet, South Beach Diet, Stillman diet and Slow carb diet . In some of these there is less than 10% of the calories you take out of carbohydrates, while that is normally between 40% and 70%.

Low carb diet: the theory of weight loss
In a low carb diet it is not so much that you eat fewer calories (although that often is part of the diet), but above all else to eat. Weight loss with a low carb diet is done by the ratio of carbohydrates, fat and modify protein (drastically). You eat less carbohydrates and you eat more fat and protein.

The idea here is that carbohydrates provide for the storage of fat in your body. Carbohydrates you until you take are converted into sugars, so you can use them as fuel. At the same goes your pancreas - as a result of high blood sugar - produce extra insulin. And insulin promotes fat storage in your body. In fact, without insulin, there is no fat storage possible. When you less carbs until you take insulin production is lower and can be therefore less fat storage.

What you may not eat a low carb diet?
The low carb diet is not a specific method to lose weight; it is a designation for a group of diets which are all based on the above principle. It varies by diet you should not eat if you want to lose weight. But there are broadly to interpret.

Sugars are certainly out of the question. That means no sugar in the tea, no sugar in the coffee, no soft drinks, no candy. But many products that are generally seen as healthy should be eaten less frequently, and are sometimes not allowed at all. Think of bread, potatoes, pasta, rice and cereal. These contain a lot of carbohydrate in the form of starch and fibers. This is converted by the body into sugars.

Fruit and vegetables contain sugars, starches and fiber. In most diets may, however, a normal portion and green vegetables are eaten. Sometimes there are limitations and there, and they look to the fruits and vegetables that contain the least carbohydrates. These are, in the case of fruit, for example, broccoli, cauliflower and spinach.

What can you eat on a low carb diet?
The list of products that you should not eat a low carbohydrate diet is often quite long. But there are also products in front of you just need to eat more. These are products that are high in fat and protein; many of them are not eating healthy and losing weight associated. It involves, for example eggs, meat (both beef, pork and chicken), fish and oils.

By decreasing the number of carbs also reduces quickly the amount of calories you take in. That is, with only meat and eggs difficult to compensate. Therefore, there are often to be found nuts and legumes in low carb diets. Some diets are fiber (complex carbohydrates) properly permitted.

In terms of drinking water is the best. Drinking water is anyway very good at losing weight , but still more important to a low carb diet, because you lose moisture faster due to the low amounts of carbohydrates.

Experiences with low carb diets
Opinions on low carb diets are somewhat divided. This applies to the opinions of scientists, as dieticians, as people who have followed a low carb diet. In one case, it seems to work and not in another. Some experts believe that eating less carbs will help you lose weight; others argue that this is possible only when the total amount of calories you take falls to you.

Where virtually all experts would agree that you can not get far without carbohydrates. Your body needs carbohydrates to function and for example, to make your brains work.

Often turns out that it is very important that you choose a way to lose weight that suits you, and where you feel comfortable with. Losing weight is a precondition for motivation . And that could very well be the most important factor that determines whether a low carb diet for you is an effective way to lose weight.

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