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Ketosis diet to lose fat fast

Ketosis diet to lose fat fast
ketosis diet

The ketose- or ketogenic diet is an effective method to lose fat fast. The state of ketosis is achieved at the moment when the body no carbohydrates has longer to burn fat and will appeal to as a primary energy source. By all carbohydrates like bread, candy, soft drinks and pasta from your diet schedule to delete you force the brains to ketones, or fats , burn for energy.

Your diet consists solely of protein , vegetables and healthy fats. After a few days the body is in a state of ketosis.

Ketosis effects
In the first few days without carbs body craves for sugar which can ensure that you have less energy and are what cranky. After a few days, all carbohydrates eliminated from the body, this ensures that you get into ketosis. The lack of carbohydrates the body uses fat as fuel so you'll quickly lose weight . After the first few days, the lack of energy is gone and you will find that your energy levels increase in considerable extent. By adequate protein and healthy fats to eat you prevent muscles are torn down, the weight you lose is a combination of moisture and pure fat.

What should you eat to get into Ketosis?
When you follow the guidelines of the ketosis diet lose fat guaranteed. The proteins are important for maintaining or even build up of muscle mass . In addition to proteins and fats you eat vegetables. In vegetable or sit slow carbs, but this does not get you off of ketosis. Any other kind of food you should avoid if you carbohydrates / sugars eat the body gets from state of ketosis which fat is no longer your fuel.

An example feeding schedule for the ketogenic diet:

Meal 1:

2 or 3 whole eggs
2x fish oil supplement
1x Multi Vitamin
1/2 liter of water

Meal 2:

Water with Isolate Perfection
Handful of almonds

Meal 3:

75-100 grams of chicken (baked in coconut oil )
Salad with mixed vegetables
Olive oil
1/2 liter of water

Meal 4:

Water with Isolate Perfection
Handful of almonds
Meal 5:

75-100 grams of beef steak or chicken (baked in coconut oil)
Vegetables: broccoli, green beans, asparagus, etc.
1/2 liter of water

Meal 6:

75-100 grams of salmon, beef steak or chicken (baked in coconut oil)
Small salad with assorted vegetables
Olive oil
1/2 liter of water

Edit: Daily drinking enough water is very important. Water expels waste from your system and increases your metabolism. Besides water, you can also coffee and tea. Soft drinks , alcohol and fruit steps are a "NO GO"! These drinks contain carbohydrates and pick your state of ketosis. Fruit contains carbohydrates, fruits you should also avoid.

Explanation supplements
Multivitamin : provides the necessary minerals and vitamins and improved body.
Fish oil : essential omega 3-6 fatty acids that stimulate fat burning.
Fiber Supplement : A bad bowel movement (due to lack of bread), you can add a fiber supplement.
Isolate Perfection : contains almost no carbohydrates and is suitable for ketosis diet.

My advice
The ketosis diet, although effective for losing fat, but less for building muscle mass. People who are heavy strength training do have simply need carbohydrates to train hard. My advice is not to follow the constant ketosis diet, but to follow for certain periods. You can diet for example, a few months before the summer or after periods of time where you have to let you go (leave, holidays) follow to quickly get rid of excess fat. The diet works for everyone, but in combination with strength training, you will get results even faster with the ketosis diet.

A variation on the ketosis diet Carb Back Loading . Carb Back Loading is a diet for people who do strength training and what I myself have long follow. This diet also consists of periods (days of rest and exercise) where you do not eat carbs. The big difference with the ketosis diet is that you just do eat large amounts of carbohydrates in the first few hours after a strength training. The carbohydrates you eat than be stored as fat, but transported towards the muscle cells and serve as a source of energy for the next workout.

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