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Sugar free and low sugar diet: more energy, more health, more happiness

Sugar free and low sugar diet: more energy, more health, more happiness
low sugar diet
It's sweet, white or brown, coarse or fine, and there are countless applications and variations. Sugar. Perhaps one of the biggest culprits in our food. It is so nice, so tempting that we eat almost anything that buy sugar in it. Indeed, it is in almost everything! Scientists, researchers and physicians have frequently demonstrated a strong correlation between increasing amounts of sugar in our food and the increase in the number of overweight people.

In our FREE Ebook you can read that at this moment, 1 in 3 adults in the world are overweight. Since 1980, the number of overweight people has increased only. Between 1980 and 2008 it tripled in emerging developing countries! The authors of the study "Future Diets" (released in januarie this year in Executive Summary) even dare to say that there is a clear link between rising prosperity and increasing number of overweight people.

There are even a term for it: Prosperity Diseases.
If you ask me to do little prosperity with cheap food products where all sorts of rubbish in it.

Just yesterday I read a message that the Subway franchise will get a chemical after all these years of living. When I think back to my subway sandwich last week I start now gagging.

And just think of the delicious soft drinks. Nice refreshed and sweet. Also looked at how much sugar is in a 500ml bottle of soda? Do you have that compared to the weight of a lump of sugar?

Is really surprising as children seem hyperactive when they are stuffed every day with sugar?

Add the fact that there is probably another sit with other sweeteners. That just as (un) healthy or even unhealthier than sugar. Maybe you scare them.

Sugar as a source of energy
Sugar gives energy. And we need energy to function. Previously, long ago, was when our ancestors survived by hunting and gathering fruit the primary source for our sugar needs. And who were then badly. You could use a few good pieces of fruit as you just hard for your life I ran to escape a hungry tiger saber tooth!

But now we live in a society where more and longer still. Occasionally we do move a bit. But to justify that large quantities of sugar? No, unfortunately not.

What happens to excess energy? It must be clear whether or stored. In our body is unused (energy) sugar stored as fat. As we followed slowly expanding until we go to the different types of fruit itself to take.

Sugar in its various forms is in almost everything for. Nowadays, almost all of our food is processed in one way or another. And one of the things they work? The amount of sugar and other sweeteners.

Could that possibly be related to the fact that more and more people suffer from Western diseases such as diabetes? That has a connection with the correlation between prosperity of a country and the number of overweight people? If you read the studies, it appears that indeed there to be a connection. Nowadays they stop almost anywhere sugar and have never been there so many fat people in the world.

Interesting. Naturally there are also other factors that influence this. But believe me, it's much harder to get fat if you eat little to no sugar!

We might not have a direct cause-effect relationship attribute to intuitive but you also feel that the benefits of sugar do not outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, you're probably reading this article. But it's so nice we love sweet. Who would want to imagine a life without sugar?

Let's elaborate on what sugar is and how it is so easy in your body.


What is sugar exactly?
The term sugar is actually a collective name for a group of carbohydrates. These carbohydrates may come from both natural and unnatural sources.

Sugar free and low sugar diet
sugar freeBelow are some common names of sugar:

glucose (dextrose = = dextrose)
fructose (fruit sugar =)
sucrose (cane or beet sugar)
lactose (= milk sugar) is in all dairy
maltose (malt sugar =)
There are three types of sugar:

Glucose: this is the main source of energy for the body. It occurs naturally in fruits and honey, among others.

Fructose: This type of sugar is primarily found in honey, fruits and other sweet natural resources. For example, molasses, maple syrup, honey, agave nectar and sugar cane. But too much fructose can lead to high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

Galactose: this type of sugar is found mainly in dairy products. In addition, it is not in nature but it is a building block of other major sugars.

Maybe you have ever the term 'refined sugars' heard.

Refined sugar is sugar which all nutrients are taken away. No vitamins, no minerals, no fiber. They are "empty" carbohydrates. Deliciously sweet but maybe worthless for your body. In addition, there are many other sweetening agents that are used as an alternative to sugar. These can be divided into two groups.

On the one hand you have the intense sweeteners and on the other side are the sweeteners.

Intense sweeteners, flavors are 50 to 500 times sweeter than sugar, but they do not provide energy.
Sweeteners are less sweet or just as sweet as sugar and does provide energy, although less than sugar.
Below are some common sweeteners that you encounter in ingredients lists of products.

Intense sweeteners - E number Extensive sweeteners E number

acesulfame-K (E950) Erythritol (E968)

aspartame (E951) Isomalt (E953)

cyclamate (E952) lactitol (E966)

saccharin (E954) Maltitol (E965)

sucralose (E955) Mannitol (E421)

thaumatin (E957) Sorbitol (dulcitol, glucitol) (E420)

neohesperidine (E959) Xylitol (E967)

Mixture of salt, aspartame and acesulfame (E962)

What does sugar in your body? The effects of too much sugar
Too much sugar in your body is not healthy. You have a greater risk of high blood pressure and diabetes type 2. And when all that sugar is converted into fat you also have an increased risk of other cardiovascular diseases. As most know, sugar is not good for your teeth.

In addition, you can just tired of sugar. After the 'sugar rush' as ​​they say in English, comes the inevitable crash. Sugar provides energy for a short period and it is quickly burned out. At the end it seems like you have even less energy when you started. They are mostly empty calories that do not bode well for your body. The effects of sugar are, in many cases, subtle and may become apparent only after years.

As we can notice currently have more people than ever suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and the diseases that go with. Is there sugar directly responsible for? No, that's too simple. But you can assume that it plays a major role!

Sugar free and arm eat: healthy alternatives
Reasons to eat less sugar and unnatural sweeteners and drink:

You can find new exciting things to eat: It will stimulate your creativity and you will discover a world of delicious and healthy dishes
You become a smart customer: You know what you are buying and you know how much sugar is in it. You are no longer tame sheep who consumes what programs the media. You consciously choose what you put in your body.
You learn more about nutrition and cooking: It's a change of your lifestyle. You will gain more knowledge about nutrition, what's good for you and how to prepare delicious and healthy meals. What do you cook gives people energy and tastes delicious too!
You have more energy and become less tired: You'll sugar in a natural and conscious way to get inside. Through fruits and other natural sources. Your blood sugar is stable and have no or less overweight. You get more energy from your meals.
Your sweet moments are sweeter: If you choose a time to consciously on as a delicacy feast then you will enjoy it extra. The moment is all yours and take conscious!
You learn to stand up for yourself: Not everyone wants or can live without sugar. Maybe others will find it even weird. But you're doing your body a favor when fighting for your choices. You will gain more confidence and perhaps even inspire others!
You feel fitter and healthier: It will be a relief for your body. Health is to really feel. You will notice what sugar does to your body when you eat a time conscious less sugar. If you are then going to consume a lot of sugar you will find that you have less energy left.
Fat reduction and weight loss: Less sugar in your food has more fat burning for your body. It is a simple formula. Your body will burn more effectively and will be stored reserves for energy.
Reduction of intestinal problems: Too much sugar in your body can cause intestinal problems. The intestines are sensitive and too much sugar they can not do their job properly. There are all kinds of bacteria love sugar and there to enjoy. While they steal your energy to get your sugar constantly feeling hungry. As a result, you eat more sugary foods and weight to arrive while the intestinal health is gradual decline.

Withdrawal symptoms and sugar
But it is not easy to keep up so food and drink of sugar and other sweeteners. It is sometimes almost rehab and there are indeed possible withdrawal symptoms. Often the physical withdrawal symptoms are not as bad as they are already there. Much more difficult is it to mentally or spiritually stop sugar. After all these years, your body is accustomed to regularly enjoy the delicious sweet creations that knows it. But if you persist you will get progressively more energy and less rocking in your energy level.

If you get really fancy sweet, eat a healthy snack (eg a sweet fruit) and pass yourself off with movement. Drink a good amount of water and choose different for a natural alternative. Dried apricots are deliciously sweet and also provide additional energy. Or drink a cup of tea with stevia or another natural alternative.

The best result you get when you go natural food and only occasionally yourself rewarded with sweets. You will enjoy much more of it.

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