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Best Exercise For Weight Loss

Best exercise for weight loss

Best exercise for weight loss
Best exercise for weight loss
Especially in spring are treadmills, steppers and rowing machines in gyms popular. Sweating and puffing bring athletes hours on these machines by losing the excess pounds to quickly hoping. But is this the right way to lose weight? Or is there a more focused plan of action is needed to improve your physical shape? We think the latter is the case.

Targeted to lose weight you must combine aerobics with weight training

Is all too often thought of simply losing weight is a matter of running, cycling and rowing until you drop. Naturally hear aerobic exercises in the training at home. But that is still not complete. Do you want to lose weight then you aimed to combine aerobic activities to train with weights (anaerobic exercise). By training with not too heavy weights your muscles tighter. Even if the number of calories you eat per day, remains the same, that will generate profits. Tighter muscles namely energy needed to "stay tight" and where do they get that energy? Right, in our fat stores!

Free weights or machines? The choice is yours

Whether you with free weights - barbells and dumbbells - trains or with the devices present in any self-respecting gym are available, a choice you have to make yourself and above all depends on your experience in the gym. Advanced exercisers prefer free weights because more muscle groups are simultaneously stimulated. You train your body in a more complete way and also the central and peripheral nervous systems are more stimulated. It is of course important that you perform the exercises correctly. If necessary, ask whether your instructor will help.

Weight training to lose weight but also for a tighter body

If you want to lose weight, weight training is also important to keep your body tight. Everyone will have ever experienced during a diet that your body, if you lose, tends to be softer and critical areas such as abdomen, buttocks, arms and chest tend to 'fall'. For this reason it is important to combine aerobic exercises with weight training. You prevent your body 'draining'. Weight training is a must.

Abdominal exercises for a flat stomach and reduced waist circumference? No!

Another misconception that it lives among the athletes is that you burn belly fat by training your abs. The opposite is true. If you train your abs in the wrong way, your waist size may even increase. Good food (not too healthy) is the best way to work towards a reduced abdomen size. In addition, you do abdominal exercises to tighten your stomach. Because the abdominal muscles are very strong, you train them by series until you can not anymore. The number of repetitions per set is very personal. This also applies to the type of abdominal exercises. They have put themselves in a difficult standard schedule. It must be made for each person to measure. If necessary, ask advice from an experienced instructor in the gym.

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