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quick weight loss tricks

quick weight loss tricks
quick weight loss tricks
quick weight loss 
Very fast weight loss is something that almost every dieter would like to see. That makes sense, because losing weight itself is usually not fun and the result will be ... So the sooner, the better, of course. In this article we do not address the question of whether very quickly lose weight do or is not healthy and that the longer- term sense. You will simply here 10 practical tips for quick weight loss and weight loss. The purpose of these tips is only lose weight as fast as possible ... Within these tips do not use special slimming little or drinks, these are general tips that anyone can use to quickly lose weight.

Tip 1. Many exercise = weight loss fast

Try a daily minimum of 30 minutes to do the exercise. Go hiking / running, visit the gym or step on the cross trainer. The more you move, the more calories you burn and the faster you will lose weight.

2. Drink green tea

Drink daily at least 5 cups of green tea . Green tea stimulates your metabolism and fat burning, and thus allows for quick weight loss.

3. Counting Calories

Count the number of calories you eat and drink every day. This gives you tremendous insight into your eating behavior. If you know how many calories you eat and which foods contain a lot of calories, you can help it to eat smarter, lose weight fast and consume fewer calories.

4. Few eating & weight loss

But beware: the opinions are divided on the question of how many calories you should eat to lose weight quickly. Your body has a daily average of about 2,000 calories needed for all bodily processes. Do you eat fewer calories than you need, then your body and your fat reserves proteins appeal for energy, making you lose weight. Suddenly much less calories so eat makes for quick weight loss, but it also causes the yo-yo effect when "normal" eating. By eating enough your body will burn muscle tissue in addition, which is disadvantageous as your sports fanatic. There are therefore many dietitians recommend just to much to not restrict your calorie intake to lose weight quickly and permanently. In any event; if you only want to lose weight super fast, it helps very little to eat absolutely nothing (very short term).

5. Eat healthy

Whether your calorie intake well drastically curtail or about the same holds true: eat at least as healthy as possible. That means no candy, snacks and soft drinks, fruits, vegetables, lean protein and healthy unsaturated fats.

6. Eat regularly throughout the day &

To boost your metabolism constantly, it is important to eat regularly. Even if you just want to eat enough to lose weight quickly, then it is important to divide your meals regularly in the day So you also have less of hunger peaks short.. Wait until you really no longer handle your hunger does not help to lose weight quickly.

7. Breakfast important to lose weight quickly

Always take a (small) breakfast to lose weight quickly. It may sound somewhat contradictory, but research shows time and again that consuming a breakfast for more and faster weight loss causes. A breakfast activates your metabolism and results in your total daily eats less.

8. Look at the composition of what you eat

Do not focus only on the number of calories of your food, but also look at the kind of nutrients that your diet contains. As saturated fats are an absolute bummer if you want to lose weight quickly, while proteins correctly can be very helpful to lose weight quickly. Proteins are in fact good for your muscles (which in turn burn calories) and also ensure that you get less hungry again.

9. Drink enough and wise

You've already read above that green tea is good for quick weight loss, but remember not to drink at all. Drink plenty comfortable 1.5 to 2 liters per day. You have the body, especially if you're super fast weight loss, moisture in order to carry off waste and physical processes (including offal) to best fulfill. Just to be sure: drink preferably water or tea, and of course no sodas or other drinks with lots of calories. Tip: take a large glass of water for every (small) meals, and you can easily get a lot of extra fluid inside.

10. Do not get discouraged too quickly

Okay, you want to lose weight super fast and you have so little time .. But miracles do not exist and it is totally useless to go all day on the scales stand if you want to lose weight as quickly as possible. Keep the spirits up, even though you see no results on the scale. By drinking a lot (tip 9), you can add additional "weight" see on the scale while you're actually super fast fat burning. Attaches so not too much value to the right number on the scale but think especially logically. If you follow the above tips to quickly lose weight, then you're doing well and you will see fast results!

Do you have tips for losing weight super fast?

Is it you ever managed to lose weight very quickly and how have you dealt with it? Leave your comment below. Additional tips for quick weight loss are of course more than welcome!

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