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Blood Type Diet

Blood Type Diet

blood type diet
Blood Type Diet
Peter d'Adamo "Eat right for your type ': that is the slogan that captured the American doctor Peter D'Adamo natural diet country. His basic thesis? Through your diet to tune in your blood, avoid your health and lose weight.

Every human being is totally unique: it has its own genetic code or DNA. The blood type is such a powerful genetic fingerprint. What blood type you have - O, A, B or AB - Depends on the "chemical recognition stabbing" the red blood pigment. This sign is called the antigen. In addition, each blood group also produces specific antibodies against other blood types, hence blood types should never be mixed.

Antisto ffen ready

The blood type and diet have to do with each other in two ways, Bloedgroepdieet says the American doctor Peter D'Adamo nature in his book "Eat Right for Your Type.
blood type dietThe antibodies for a specific blood type, which are directed against different blood groups, may also respond to different food constituents. Eenvoorbeeld: someone metbloedgroep A antibodies react strongly to milk because the amino sugars of milk so similar to the amino sugar that group B states. This reaction creates excessive mucus in the sinuses, stomach and intestines. For people with blood type A is milk so a bypass product.
Conversely substances in food can cause a reaction with the antigens associated with a certain blood type. For example, the lectins (a type of protein) in wheat grains and react with the antigens of blood group O and disturb the metabolism. Therefore, people with blood type O wheat and cereals delete better from their menu.

Your blood type determines your menu

Do you want to be and stay healthy? Avoid the foods that provoke an immune reaction in your blood and put more products on the menu that stimulate your metabolism, that is the basic thesis of the blood type diet.
To make it a little easier, D'Adamo has a blood group made a list of foods that are 'beneficial' (they work as a kind of drug) products 'shun' are (for your organism they poison) and "neutral 'products.

Lean and healthy?

Peter D'Adamo, therefore, that, just as there is no universal diet is where everyone feels comfortable with - whether it is the Mediterranean diet, vegetarianism, macrobiotics or another application - there is also no slimming diet is suitable for everyone . People with blood type O thickening of wheat, corn and most of the cabbage. but thin red Clees, fish, kale, spinach and broccol. For AB blood types are different mechanisms.
What can you expect ofthe blood type diet? D'Adamo is careful: this is not a miracle diet that does fly off the pounds. Healthy and continue to be, since it is in the first place. Yet even overweight people every interest to follow his nutrition: by tuning your diet on your blood type, after all, improves your metabolism, stabilize your insulin production and get your hormones better balance. The result is, yes, weight loss!

blood type diet food

Is the blood type diet for you?

It is suitable for anyone who believes in the scientific theory behind the diet. Just follow the instructions for your blood type and send to any function of your own needs. Consult your doctor if you are taking medication or are pregnant.

Guidelines for each blood type

- Do not eat pork.
- Eat low fat: fat leads

Pro blood type diet

- Quite varied and easy to apply. You have a lot of space when choosing the ingredients and quantities are not limited.
- Adepts of the blood type diet confirm that they have more energy, look better and feel better about themselves. That is the greatest strength of the diet: that you learn constructively and consciously deal with your health.

Contra blood type diet

- The theory of the blood type diet is nothing more than that: a theory. In no way has been proven that your blood type and your diet are linked. Scientists have also made more than once firewood from the ideas of Peter D'Adamo, who only has a natural doctor training to stand on his record and is not a scholar.
- Only those who have blood type AB, according to this diet wheat well tolerated. That can cause problems for our daily kitchen, which relies heavily on wheat and other grain products. So it is not very clear from what sources of carbohydrates owners of blood type O should get their energy.
- The ideas of grabbing the blood type diet back to the diets of our far ancestors. But the people in prehistoric times had a life expectancy of just 30 years, what a comparison with our way of life very difficult. Meanwhile, we also know that the first people do occasionally eat meat if the hunt had been successful, but they fell back to the daily diet in which the women could gather in edible berries, seeds and carrots. The story of the prehistoric man / hunter who mainly ate meat, is somewhat outdated.

According to Peter D'Adamo, the different blood groups created by the migration of man on the earth.

On his journey from Africa over the world in search of new territories, the man had to adapt constantly. Another climate, new foods, they all had the same number of challenges for the biological system of the prehistoric man. But also because of changing habits, from hunter to farmer for example, the human body had to adapt.
As group O of the hunter-gatherer would be the oldest blood type and respond well Control eating meat. The blood is then spread from Africa to Europe and Asia. The CroMagnonmens who lived between 70,000 and 40,000 before our era, had an O blood type. Blood type A farmer plants eater, would be more recent and have spread from the agrarian Middle East to North Africa and Europe.
Blood type B Nomad spread from Asia to the Himalayas and to Central Europe. Blood Types A and B are better served with vegetarian diet.
Blood type AB blood type is the most recent: the people with this blood type are also opposed to a lot of modern foods file.

"The blood type diet is the ideal method for losing weight: no yo-yo effect, go count calories, but a healthy and responsible way to get to your natural weight and stay" - Dr. Carl Hoffman

blood group aBlood type A

1. A antigen
2. Anti-B-antibody

Eat as many vegetarian: a small piece of chicken or turkey occasionally can. Use lots of carbohydrates. Avoid dairy: replace milk with soy products and very occasional nap goat or sheep cheese. Shellfish are absolutely out of the question.

blood group BBlood type B

1. A antigen
2. B-antigen

A varied diet is most suitable meat, fish (except seafood), vegetables (except tomatoes) and grains (but little wheat). This blood type is the only dairy tolerates.
blood group AB

AB blood

1. B-antigen
2. Anti-A-antibody

Combines the features of A and B. Of all blood types AB can tolerate most foods. Shellfish are not suitable.

blood group OBlood type O

1. Anti-A-antibody
2. Anti-B-antibody

Eat lots of protein (meat except pork and fish), and low in carbohydrates (potatoes, pasta, rice, bread, cereals). Avoid dairy products, wheat and other cereals.

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