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mediterranean diet recipes

Mediterranean Diet Recipes

mediterranean diet recipes


In the prevention of arteriosclerosis, heart and vascular diseases caused, the Mediterranean diet plays an important role. Also, in the prevention of obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, Alzheimer's disease is the Mediterranean diet is very important.

Everyone talks about it but few know what it exactly entails. In origin it is the food like they used to be eaten in Greece and finally above Crete, Italy, Spain and Portugal. However, it is much more than pizza, spaghetti, olive oil and red wine. It's a completely different way of food, preparing food, the meals themselves use quiet, drinks, exercise, reducing stress. It is rather a rather than a diet. A lifestyle

Here are just the basics but with this you have a good start to your Belgian food little by little to bend to a Mediterranean diet healthier. It is a tasty and achievable diet with plenty of gourmet options and perfectly fit in our current Belgian food. There are plenty of cookbooks which are countless recipes. On the internet there are numerous recipes (see below). Or go to Greece and order there is no Belgian menu but a typical Greek menu, all the trimmings. Or go to the covered markets in the south.

It works better than the classic low-fat diet. It is not a diet "this should not" but a diet of "this should be". . The Mediterranean diet contains less saturated fat and more healthy fiber, carbohydrates and abundant antioxidants.

I advice given to everyone there anyway think about it very seriously. About what you eat and what the impact of our diet on our health.


The Mediterranean diet is freshness and quality is very important. Fresh food is very important because the process many useful substances such as antioxidants, flavonoids lost go. The Mediterranean cuisine is also a simple, honest cooking each ingredient respected to his own taste. Is It's no frills cuisine. Taking time for eating, eat quietly, pay attention to what you eat, small to moderate amounts. The number of calories remains limited. (1800-2500kcal / day). Stay lean is important.

mediterranean diet recipes


Daily and abundantly used in almost every meal.
In particular, fresh and raw vegetables
Tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines, onions, garlic, artichokes, cucumbers, peppers: everything you find on the southern market.
Salads varied with seeds, seeds, nuts, olive oil
Legumes such as lentils, beans, peas, chickpeas.


Fresh fruit is abundant. Minimum 3 pieces per day.
If dessert is fresh fruit very important
Dried fruits such as figs and dates.
Nuts and seeds (sunflower, pine) are also very important.

Pasta, cereal, board, rice ...

Bread and especially whole grain bread.
Pasta, rice, potatoes, to a lesser extent
Whole wheat or whole rice to elect


Use all fish weekly. Minimum 2 x per week.
Given it comes to diet around the Mediterranean she is especially seafood very important.
Shellfish and crustaceans, shrimp, trout, sardines, tuna, squid and salmon ....

Dairy and milk products:

Low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese and low-fat cheeses. Especially goat and sheep cheese.
Limiting cow's milk cheese.

Fats and oils:

Olive oil (extra-virgin) is the main source of fat. Healthy but use it sparingly. Creeping. For baking and roasting.
Also rapeseed oil is fine.
Use little or no butter. Bread is eaten dipped in a bit of olive oil.
Also margarine is not part of the Mediterranean diet.
Fried things are not eaten or much less.

Meat and eggs:

Little meat, especially lean meats.

Very little red meat. Sheep, cattle and swine to only monthly use.
Weekly poultry such as chicken.
Few eggs: 0-4 per week.


The Mediterranean cuisine is well-known for its delicious herbs.

Bay, thyme, saffron, basil, parsley, oregano, rosemary, sage.
Very little or no salt.


Two glasses of red wine per day during meals.
Also, many non-fizzy fresh water during the meal. Obligatory.
Only self fruit juices.
Tea and coffee welcome but especially after meals ..
Soft drinks and beer do not belong absolutely to the Mediterranean diet


Sweets with sugar or honey are limited to special occasions.
Candy out of the question.
Avoid sugar. Ex Yogurt without sugar.

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  1. Losing weight is difficult, but with the right mindset and a set of goals, it can be done. When I decided to follow the 3 Day Military diet, I was quite familiar with the Mediterranean diet recipes, since I love these food. So it was easier for me to stay on the military diet since my body is quite used to eating veggies and fruits plus a lot of lean meats. Using olive oil in my diet is a huge factor - this healthy oil flavoured a lot of my salads and I also use it for frying. It is also heart-friendly and adds to ease of losing weight. For more on the military diet see


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