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medical weight loss - get medical help with weight loss

Medical weight loss - Get medical help with weight loss

Sometimes it is not possible to lose weight no matter how hard you try it too. This can be very frustrating, because losing weight seems an impossible task. There could be several reasons for this. In these cases, it might be wise to seek medical help or to lose weight. This is very common, because sometimes only your doctor is able to help you with weight loss.

When Should You Ask To Help Your Doctor?

You must ask absolutely help your doctor if any of the following situations apply.

-You have more than 30% overweight. For example, your normal body weight is 70 pounds. If you    weigh 91 pounds, this would mean that you have 30% excess weight. You will then be allowed to  fall off help from your doctor.
-If your BMI (Indication for your ideal weight based on body type, length and mass) of more than 5  points above the normal amount, you should consider seeking medical attention. This allows you to  lose weight.
-If you already have at least a month trying to lose weight and you've still lost two pounds, it is  necessary that your doctor intervenes. It is possible that you have a hormonal disorder, making your  body burn fat. In this case, it is nearly impossible to lose weight, unless your doctor prescribes  medication.
-If you have high blood pressure or type II diabetes, you will definitely need help from your doctor.

Which Medical Options Are Available?

-In some cases, you doctor will prescribe certain medications to restore the chemical and hormonal  balance of your body.
-In other cases, fat-burning drugs such as Xenical be used. Keep in mind that these are not diet pills,  but medications.
-Your doctor can provide a combination of medications and a rigorous diet to support the process of  weight loss.
-You also have the option to undergo a stomach reduction surgery, if you would be extremely heavy.  This is a special type of surgery in which the stomach is reduced and the esophagus is moved so that  the appetite can be controlled physically. However, this is a serious surgery and you will such a  procedure should always consult with your physician.
-You can use liposuction to remove fat from certain body parts (such as your abdomen, buttocks, etc).  However, this is a partial solution. You must ensure that you burn with exercise and dieting fat,  which is also in other places in your body.
-In some cases, your doctor may prescribe psychotherapy not to exceed emotional boundaries. These  emotional feelings often make you eat too much. In many cases, there is the difficulty to lose weight  at a psychological cause. With therapy that makes you come back this cause, you can lose weight

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