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Slim Fast Diet

Slim Fast Diet
Slim Fast Diet
Slim Fast Diet - In brief

Slim Fast (Slim-Fast, Slim · Fast or Slimfast) is a diet program consisting of a wide variety of meal replacements. This could include ready-to-eat meals drink, meal bars, soups and pastas. Within the Slim Fast diet, two of the meal of the day to be replaced by Slim Fast meal replacements. The third meal - breakfast, lunch or dinner - may consist of normal, but healthy and calorie restricted meals. Slim Fast products would contain all the nutrients the body needs. Slimfast keeps strict and also very regular feeding schedule. Additionally Slimfast demands that you drink plenty of water and moves with regularity.

Slim Fast Diet - Nutrition Schedule and Guidelines

Slimfast works with two Slim Fast meal replacements, a "normal" meal and two snacks. Although you are free to decide which you replace two meals with Slim Fast, regularity is disastrous. An example of a Slim Fast feeding schedule is as follows:

Breakfast: In the morning take a Slim Fast meal replacement.
Snack: At 10:00 you take a snack (fruit, yogurt or a Slim Fast Snack).
Lunch: In the afternoon, take a Slim Fast meal replacement.
Snack: At 16:00, take a snack (fruit, yogurt or a Slim Fast Snack).
Dinner: In the evening you take a light, healthy evening meal with lots of vegetables.
Snack: At 20:00 you take a snack (fruit, yogurt or a Slim Fast Snack).

Slim Fast Diet - Top Foods

The main foods that belong in the Slim Fast diet are:

Slim-Fast ready-to-eat meal drink
Slim Fast meal bar
Slimfast soup
Slimfast pasta
Slim Fast meal replacement shake
Slimfast snack bar

Gestational Diabetes Diet

Gestational Diabetes Diet
Gestational Diabetes Diet
If you are diagnosed with gestational diabetes, you will receive a special dieetiste gestational diabetes diet. Often some adjustments in your diet more than sufficient to prevent the risks to the mother and the child. On this page we have gathered especially for what you may eat, but also what is not. One quick tip is eat as many whole grain products. These ensure that your blood sugar stays low.
Below is the advice that you need per day on average in terms of food.
5 to 7 slices bread
Use margarine instead of butter ordinary butter
1 to 2 slices of cheese, but preferably no fat cheese
1 or 2 slices of lean meats (eg ham or chicken breast)
Approximately 2 to 3 glasses of milk or any other type of milk product. Preferably full or lean
Drink enough, at least 1.5 liters of fluid per day
Potatoes (3 to 5 parts), or 150 to 200 grams of rice or pasta
Approximately 200 grams of vegetables
75 grams of meat, chicken or fish.
2 pieces of fruit a day (about 200g)
Take a day not more than one sandwich meats containing liver, such as liver sausage, liver pate, pate, Hausmacher Berliner liver sausage and cheese.


It is important to get within fluid at least 1.5 liter per day. This does not mean you can drink only water, but you could even drink coffee or tea without sugar. Soft drinks may also but this should be light. Think for example, Coca Cola light or zero, Chocolate Orange Light, Crystal Clear or Rivella. Orangeade may even sugar-free lemonade (eg Curious George, Burg lime light, Teissiere). Drink no light fruit juices. Because these fruit juices are made, and these juices always contain fruit sugar.
Drink a glass of water after meals, which cuts sugars in the blood removed faster and your blood sugar will rise less rapidly. Optionally you after meals also take a short walk of about 15 minutes. This then should, however, take place immediately after the meal.


The culprits are often Pata, pizza, and of course pancakes. These products contain in relation to potatoes, pasta and rice more carbohydrates. It is of course not prohibited but is often strongly discouraged. If you can not avoid coming here then hold good account of the quantity and determine whether it is safe to eat these products. Obviously chocolate also not recommended, because chocolate is also packed with sugar. Try to avoid these products during pregnancy.

Be careful with your sugar intake, too much sugar does not fit in a healthy diet, and not at all in diabetic patients. It is advisable for everyone to use less sugar. There are plenty of products available in the shop where no sugar has been added that the sugar is replaced with a sweetener. These products fit perfectly within a gestational diabetes diet. In normal use (small amounts) these sweeteners provide no additional risk for your baby.


Do not go on extreme diet if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. This can cause a shortage of nutrients in both the mother and the child. The woman will lose about five pounds after childbirth and during the postpartum period for another four pounds. If your postpartum breastfeeding the average woman will lose weight faster than women who do not breastfeed. If it is not possible to breastfeed you after pregnancy diet to achieve weight before pregnancy again.
If you are found with gestational diabetes you from your dietician receive a specific gestational diabetes diet that you can follow during your pregnancy.

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Yogurt diet

Yogurt diet
yoghurt diet
Name: Yogurt Diet 
Type Diet: Diet based on specific food 
Calories per day: +/- 700 kcal. 
Calorie value:

  • Na (no calorie restriction)
  • Calorific stable (2000 - 2500 kcal per day.)
  • Restricting calorie (1500 - 2000 kcal per day.)
  • Calorie (1000 - 1500 kcal per day.)
  • Crash Diet (<1000 kcal. Per day)

Yogurt Diet - In brief 

The Yogurt Diet there was suddenly no one knows exactly where it comes from. The Yogurt Diet has something of the Fat Free Diet, Diet and Hospital Three Day Diet, but focuses more on yogurt. The Yogurt Diet is based on the following assumption: 3 cups yogurt (200 milliliters ps) as part of a low-calorie diet leads to 60 percent more fat loss than the same diet without yogurt. This statement is based on an examination of Mr. Zemel of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, USA. He published his research into yogurt in the scientific journal "International Journal of Obesity. Research among 34 overweight subjects showed that the calcium in yogurt stimulates enzymes that are jointly responsible for burning fat.

Yogurt Diet - Nutrition Schedule and Guidelines 

The Dutch magazine Libelle ever published one of the many variants of the Yogurt Diet. This diet should be followed for more than 4 weeks. It looked like this:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday:

  • 2 liters of fat yogurt spread over the day.
  • When dizziness take a glucose tablet.

Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday:

  • 3 cups low-fat yogurt
  • 1 egg
  • 3 whole wheat bread with lean spreads
  • 3 apples
  • lean meat or fish with vegetables and a potato
  • 3 x drinking broth

Yogurt Diet - Top Foods

The Yogurt Diet is very restrictive calorie foods that may be eaten in the Yogurt Diet.:

  • Yogurt
  • Eggs
  • Glucose Tablets
  • Apples
  • Drinking Bouillon
  • Water
  • Whole wheat bread

Yogurt Diet - Finally 

The Yogurt Diet contains mainly proteins from yogurt. So it is a very limited diet and that can quickly lead to side effects such as dizziness, nausea and weakness. Much stricter diets than the Yogurt Diet you will not encounter quickly, so be careful with this diet

Ketosis diet to lose fat fast

Ketosis diet to lose fat fast
ketosis diet

The ketose- or ketogenic diet is an effective method to lose fat fast. The state of ketosis is achieved at the moment when the body no carbohydrates has longer to burn fat and will appeal to as a primary energy source. By all carbohydrates like bread, candy, soft drinks and pasta from your diet schedule to delete you force the brains to ketones, or fats , burn for energy.

Your diet consists solely of protein , vegetables and healthy fats. After a few days the body is in a state of ketosis.

Ketosis effects
In the first few days without carbs body craves for sugar which can ensure that you have less energy and are what cranky. After a few days, all carbohydrates eliminated from the body, this ensures that you get into ketosis. The lack of carbohydrates the body uses fat as fuel so you'll quickly lose weight . After the first few days, the lack of energy is gone and you will find that your energy levels increase in considerable extent. By adequate protein and healthy fats to eat you prevent muscles are torn down, the weight you lose is a combination of moisture and pure fat.

What should you eat to get into Ketosis?
When you follow the guidelines of the ketosis diet lose fat guaranteed. The proteins are important for maintaining or even build up of muscle mass . In addition to proteins and fats you eat vegetables. In vegetable or sit slow carbs, but this does not get you off of ketosis. Any other kind of food you should avoid if you carbohydrates / sugars eat the body gets from state of ketosis which fat is no longer your fuel.

An example feeding schedule for the ketogenic diet:

Meal 1:

2 or 3 whole eggs
2x fish oil supplement
1x Multi Vitamin
1/2 liter of water

Meal 2:

Water with Isolate Perfection
Handful of almonds

Meal 3:

75-100 grams of chicken (baked in coconut oil )
Salad with mixed vegetables
Olive oil
1/2 liter of water

Meal 4:

Water with Isolate Perfection
Handful of almonds
Meal 5:

75-100 grams of beef steak or chicken (baked in coconut oil)
Vegetables: broccoli, green beans, asparagus, etc.
1/2 liter of water

Meal 6:

75-100 grams of salmon, beef steak or chicken (baked in coconut oil)
Small salad with assorted vegetables
Olive oil
1/2 liter of water

Edit: Daily drinking enough water is very important. Water expels waste from your system and increases your metabolism. Besides water, you can also coffee and tea. Soft drinks , alcohol and fruit steps are a "NO GO"! These drinks contain carbohydrates and pick your state of ketosis. Fruit contains carbohydrates, fruits you should also avoid.

Explanation supplements
Multivitamin : provides the necessary minerals and vitamins and improved body.
Fish oil : essential omega 3-6 fatty acids that stimulate fat burning.
Fiber Supplement : A bad bowel movement (due to lack of bread), you can add a fiber supplement.
Isolate Perfection : contains almost no carbohydrates and is suitable for ketosis diet.

My advice
The ketosis diet, although effective for losing fat, but less for building muscle mass. People who are heavy strength training do have simply need carbohydrates to train hard. My advice is not to follow the constant ketosis diet, but to follow for certain periods. You can diet for example, a few months before the summer or after periods of time where you have to let you go (leave, holidays) follow to quickly get rid of excess fat. The diet works for everyone, but in combination with strength training, you will get results even faster with the ketosis diet.

A variation on the ketosis diet Carb Back Loading . Carb Back Loading is a diet for people who do strength training and what I myself have long follow. This diet also consists of periods (days of rest and exercise) where you do not eat carbs. The big difference with the ketosis diet is that you just do eat large amounts of carbohydrates in the first few hours after a strength training. The carbohydrates you eat than be stored as fat, but transported towards the muscle cells and serve as a source of energy for the next workout.

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Sacred heart diet

Sacred heart diet

Sacred heart diet
Sacred heart diet got its name when the diet was formulated by Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital for their overweight patients. This diet is a 7 day diet and is known to help you lose a few pounds within a week. Through his creepy look to cabbage soup diet, 7 days sacred heart diet, is also known as cabbage soup diet. Although some believe to be just this diet is not true, there are a few who have tried this diet in order to confirm the results. However, sacred heart diet and it works, is a matter of debate for a long time now. So, before any of us can judge his, let's see what sacred heart diet.

7 days Sacred Heart Diet

Day 1

You can follow any fruit of your choice, except bananas. Fruits with high water content, such as melons are recommended. On the first day, you can vegetables and soup.

Day 2

Cut all the fruit from your diet on day 2. Have only vegetables. Cooked, canned, cooked, and raw vegetables in any way, must be consumed on the second day. You can of soup, but to refrain from eating, dry beans, peas or corn. Your dinner should consist of baked potato and butter.

Day 3

On the third day, many fruits, vegetables and soup until your stomach is full. Do not have a baked potato on the third day. All your meals will consist of fruits, vegetables and soup.

Day 4

Bananas and skimmed milk has the flavor of the day. Eat about 3 bananas today and have as much milk as you want. You can of soup for dinner.

Day 5

On the fifth day of the Sacred Heart diet, you can beef and tomatoes. You can save up to 10-20 ounces of beef and a can of tomatoes. If you do not want beef, you can have 6 tomatoes. Eat soup at least once a day.

Day 6

Eat as much beef and vegetables as much, until your stomach is full. You can have 2-3 steaks and as many green leafy vegetables as you like. However, you can no fruit or baked potato today. Eat soup for dinner. After soup at least once in a day is mandatory.

Day 7

On the last day of the Sacred Heart diet, you can unsweetened fruit juice and vegetables and brown rice, to your heart's content. You can use the vegetables with rice, if you like. Once, again with soup is mandatory.

Sacred Heart Diet Recipe


• 1 or 2 cans stewed tomatoes
• 1 large tin of beef broth (no fat)
• 3 plus large green onions
• 1 pkg. Lipton soup mix (chicken noodle)
• 2 cans green beans
• 1 bunch celery
• 2 pounds. Carrots
• 2 green peppers


• Cut all the vegetables into small cubes or blocks.
• Put them in boiling water.
• Add the broth and soup mix and simmer until thick, like soup.
• Season with salt and pepper.
You can eat soup at any time of the day.

These are the sacred heart diet ingredients that are known to help heart patients. This diet has been heavily criticized. Since this diet is full of soup based diet is untenable. If at all you manage to follow this diet, you can lose about 15-17 pounds in the first week. However, since it is only due to the intake of water, it will regain the weight quickly. Before you start following the sacred heart diet, recipe contact a dietitian. In my opinion, if you want your body to be, decide what you eat healthy, to have a balanced diet, exercise and keep your mind healthy. That's all it takes.

Elimination Diet: introducing foods

Elimination Diet: introducing foods
elimination diet

Meanwhile I follow more than a month the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol . In short this is a strict elimination diet that helps to heal the body. An elimination diet is a diet where you suspect foods do not eat where you could have ever an intolerance or allergy. After a while you introduce them again to find out whether you can or not against.

It's so far! 
Last week I was on a nice platter. Actually all the complaints I mentioned in this article I'm tired , are significantly reduced. No cramps in my stomach, not that overall lesser sense, my belly itched barely, actually no longer suffer from my bladder, but still a little dazed by candida infections ... Absolutely no panacea this diet, but it has made me enormously ahead helped. Since a week or so I noticed more no change, so it's time to start reintroducing certain foods.

The order in which I'm going to introduce the foods I follow the list of The Paleo Mom . They say it is the expert in the field of Paleo Autoimmune Protocol. The first thing I introduced this weekend again was pork. This is allowed in this protocol in itself, but I wish it like to test. Next is ranked:

  • spice seeds, such as fennel, cumin, coriander, etc.
  • yolks (do not know if I'm going to test this release because I find it a shame to throw away the protein)
  • seeds and seeds (pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds)
  • nuts (walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts, Brazil nuts, cashews)
  • Alcohol, in small quantities (I did not go because it reintroduce the recovery of brain slows)
  • eggplant
  • paprika
  • paprika
  • coffee ('I do not so I'm not going to introduce)
  • chocolate
  • eggs
  • chili pepper / red pepper
  • potatoes (although this is not recommended by many sources much to eat, as this article Rineke Dijkinga )
  • tomatoes

Then paleo 
If all this is hopefully successfully reintroduced, I eat the potatoes after paleo. From there I can experiment with other foods how my body reacts to it, such as wheat, gluten, dairy raw. I realize that just totally quinoa is not mentioned because it is a questionable product in paleo. Maybe I'll go to reintroduce previously, because I'm not the problem.

How reintroduction? 
To test whether I comment on a product, I eat it 2x a day, two days. Then I do not eat it at least one day. So to test pork I burgers made of half-and-half chopped. And here Friday 2 and Saturday eaten 2. And so at two meals, not 2 in 1 time. Then on Sunday pork. I think I have had no response on here, except that I was very tired Saturday. I do not dare to say with certainty that this was the pork. I could do this more often after eating pork than I can with certainty say that it is so.

What symptoms do you get at food intolerance? 
It is very different for each person what the symptoms can be if you have a food reïntroduceert where you have a food intolerance. The first clue is when symptoms return of the elimination diet. Consider also:

  • rumbling stomach, flatulence, cramps, abdominal pain, nausea, diarrhea, stomach burning, constipation
  • fatigue or less energy
  • strong desire for certain foods (sugar, fat, etc.)
  • sleeping, can not get to sleep, wake
  • headache or dizziness
  • skin problems: eczema, urticaria / hives, acne
  • gripes: myalgia, arthralgia
  • altered mental status: depression, anxiety, panic, stressed

You doubt? 
Not sure whether you respond or can not control a product or it was a coincidence? Do not eat it again for a while and reïntroduceer again.

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Sugar free and low sugar diet: more energy, more health, more happiness

Sugar free and low sugar diet: more energy, more health, more happiness
low sugar diet
It's sweet, white or brown, coarse or fine, and there are countless applications and variations. Sugar. Perhaps one of the biggest culprits in our food. It is so nice, so tempting that we eat almost anything that buy sugar in it. Indeed, it is in almost everything! Scientists, researchers and physicians have frequently demonstrated a strong correlation between increasing amounts of sugar in our food and the increase in the number of overweight people.

In our FREE Ebook you can read that at this moment, 1 in 3 adults in the world are overweight. Since 1980, the number of overweight people has increased only. Between 1980 and 2008 it tripled in emerging developing countries! The authors of the study "Future Diets" (released in januarie this year in Executive Summary) even dare to say that there is a clear link between rising prosperity and increasing number of overweight people.

There are even a term for it: Prosperity Diseases.
If you ask me to do little prosperity with cheap food products where all sorts of rubbish in it.

Just yesterday I read a message that the Subway franchise will get a chemical after all these years of living. When I think back to my subway sandwich last week I start now gagging.

And just think of the delicious soft drinks. Nice refreshed and sweet. Also looked at how much sugar is in a 500ml bottle of soda? Do you have that compared to the weight of a lump of sugar?

Is really surprising as children seem hyperactive when they are stuffed every day with sugar?

Add the fact that there is probably another sit with other sweeteners. That just as (un) healthy or even unhealthier than sugar. Maybe you scare them.

Sugar as a source of energy
Sugar gives energy. And we need energy to function. Previously, long ago, was when our ancestors survived by hunting and gathering fruit the primary source for our sugar needs. And who were then badly. You could use a few good pieces of fruit as you just hard for your life I ran to escape a hungry tiger saber tooth!

But now we live in a society where more and longer still. Occasionally we do move a bit. But to justify that large quantities of sugar? No, unfortunately not.

What happens to excess energy? It must be clear whether or stored. In our body is unused (energy) sugar stored as fat. As we followed slowly expanding until we go to the different types of fruit itself to take.

Sugar in its various forms is in almost everything for. Nowadays, almost all of our food is processed in one way or another. And one of the things they work? The amount of sugar and other sweeteners.

Could that possibly be related to the fact that more and more people suffer from Western diseases such as diabetes? That has a connection with the correlation between prosperity of a country and the number of overweight people? If you read the studies, it appears that indeed there to be a connection. Nowadays they stop almost anywhere sugar and have never been there so many fat people in the world.

Interesting. Naturally there are also other factors that influence this. But believe me, it's much harder to get fat if you eat little to no sugar!

We might not have a direct cause-effect relationship attribute to intuitive but you also feel that the benefits of sugar do not outweigh the disadvantages. Therefore, you're probably reading this article. But it's so nice we love sweet. Who would want to imagine a life without sugar?

Let's elaborate on what sugar is and how it is so easy in your body.


What is sugar exactly?
The term sugar is actually a collective name for a group of carbohydrates. These carbohydrates may come from both natural and unnatural sources.

Sugar free and low sugar diet
sugar freeBelow are some common names of sugar:

glucose (dextrose = = dextrose)
fructose (fruit sugar =)
sucrose (cane or beet sugar)
lactose (= milk sugar) is in all dairy
maltose (malt sugar =)
There are three types of sugar:

Glucose: this is the main source of energy for the body. It occurs naturally in fruits and honey, among others.

Fructose: This type of sugar is primarily found in honey, fruits and other sweet natural resources. For example, molasses, maple syrup, honey, agave nectar and sugar cane. But too much fructose can lead to high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.

Galactose: this type of sugar is found mainly in dairy products. In addition, it is not in nature but it is a building block of other major sugars.

Maybe you have ever the term 'refined sugars' heard.

Refined sugar is sugar which all nutrients are taken away. No vitamins, no minerals, no fiber. They are "empty" carbohydrates. Deliciously sweet but maybe worthless for your body. In addition, there are many other sweetening agents that are used as an alternative to sugar. These can be divided into two groups.

On the one hand you have the intense sweeteners and on the other side are the sweeteners.

Intense sweeteners, flavors are 50 to 500 times sweeter than sugar, but they do not provide energy.
Sweeteners are less sweet or just as sweet as sugar and does provide energy, although less than sugar.
Below are some common sweeteners that you encounter in ingredients lists of products.

Intense sweeteners - E number Extensive sweeteners E number

acesulfame-K (E950) Erythritol (E968)

aspartame (E951) Isomalt (E953)

cyclamate (E952) lactitol (E966)

saccharin (E954) Maltitol (E965)

sucralose (E955) Mannitol (E421)

thaumatin (E957) Sorbitol (dulcitol, glucitol) (E420)

neohesperidine (E959) Xylitol (E967)

Mixture of salt, aspartame and acesulfame (E962)

What does sugar in your body? The effects of too much sugar
Too much sugar in your body is not healthy. You have a greater risk of high blood pressure and diabetes type 2. And when all that sugar is converted into fat you also have an increased risk of other cardiovascular diseases. As most know, sugar is not good for your teeth.

In addition, you can just tired of sugar. After the 'sugar rush' as ​​they say in English, comes the inevitable crash. Sugar provides energy for a short period and it is quickly burned out. At the end it seems like you have even less energy when you started. They are mostly empty calories that do not bode well for your body. The effects of sugar are, in many cases, subtle and may become apparent only after years.

As we can notice currently have more people than ever suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and the diseases that go with. Is there sugar directly responsible for? No, that's too simple. But you can assume that it plays a major role!

Sugar free and arm eat: healthy alternatives
Reasons to eat less sugar and unnatural sweeteners and drink:

You can find new exciting things to eat: It will stimulate your creativity and you will discover a world of delicious and healthy dishes
You become a smart customer: You know what you are buying and you know how much sugar is in it. You are no longer tame sheep who consumes what programs the media. You consciously choose what you put in your body.
You learn more about nutrition and cooking: It's a change of your lifestyle. You will gain more knowledge about nutrition, what's good for you and how to prepare delicious and healthy meals. What do you cook gives people energy and tastes delicious too!
You have more energy and become less tired: You'll sugar in a natural and conscious way to get inside. Through fruits and other natural sources. Your blood sugar is stable and have no or less overweight. You get more energy from your meals.
Your sweet moments are sweeter: If you choose a time to consciously on as a delicacy feast then you will enjoy it extra. The moment is all yours and take conscious!
You learn to stand up for yourself: Not everyone wants or can live without sugar. Maybe others will find it even weird. But you're doing your body a favor when fighting for your choices. You will gain more confidence and perhaps even inspire others!
You feel fitter and healthier: It will be a relief for your body. Health is to really feel. You will notice what sugar does to your body when you eat a time conscious less sugar. If you are then going to consume a lot of sugar you will find that you have less energy left.
Fat reduction and weight loss: Less sugar in your food has more fat burning for your body. It is a simple formula. Your body will burn more effectively and will be stored reserves for energy.
Reduction of intestinal problems: Too much sugar in your body can cause intestinal problems. The intestines are sensitive and too much sugar they can not do their job properly. There are all kinds of bacteria love sugar and there to enjoy. While they steal your energy to get your sugar constantly feeling hungry. As a result, you eat more sugary foods and weight to arrive while the intestinal health is gradual decline.

Withdrawal symptoms and sugar
But it is not easy to keep up so food and drink of sugar and other sweeteners. It is sometimes almost rehab and there are indeed possible withdrawal symptoms. Often the physical withdrawal symptoms are not as bad as they are already there. Much more difficult is it to mentally or spiritually stop sugar. After all these years, your body is accustomed to regularly enjoy the delicious sweet creations that knows it. But if you persist you will get progressively more energy and less rocking in your energy level.

If you get really fancy sweet, eat a healthy snack (eg a sweet fruit) and pass yourself off with movement. Drink a good amount of water and choose different for a natural alternative. Dried apricots are deliciously sweet and also provide additional energy. Or drink a cup of tea with stevia or another natural alternative.

The best result you get when you go natural food and only occasionally yourself rewarded with sweets. You will enjoy much more of it.

How the caveman diet work?

How the caveman diet work?
caveman diet
The Basics
Now more than ever, Americans are looking at every possible way to fight the Battle of the Bulge. Lots of "yo-yo" diets have received attention over the years in the media, causing many people to these diets to follow some success, only to return the weight. Other diets promote lifelong retention, advising maintenance once a desired weight is reached.

Eat Like a Caveman
If such a diet is the Paleo Diet, AKA "Caveman" Diet, which is permanent weight loss and healthy living of opinion attributed to eat the first human ancestors. Since cavemen were essentially scavengers that eat berries, nuts, seeds, plants, fruit and meat, these foods are the basis of the diet plan. Portions are small but frequent throughout the day. Proponents believe that once man discovers fire and found he could cook rather toxic food, grains and starch were geu00EFntroduceerd that dense with calories. These foods are portable and easily grown, so that they formed the basis of the human diet.

How it works
By consuming eliminating high-calorie foods, but still enough daily calories, the Caveman diet works through portion control and calorie restriction. Like many low carbohydrate diets of similar ilk, carb intake is contained to an absolute minimum, as a majority of daily calories from fats and proteins that nine and four calories per gram, respectively. No grains, starches, dairy, beans or refined sugars are not allowed. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, berries, legumes and animal proteins are the main course. The first phase will graze on nuts and berries throughout the day, every day, for two to four weeks. Every night, no food can be eaten. The theory is that this will lead to slow detoxification of the body of old habits and poor nutrition, fat loss and what is to be expected. The eight-week phase two is directed to wrangle glucose levels in the blood and keep carb cravings to a minimum. Daily fast is key, as later in the evening of the above foods can be eaten in any quantity. Proponents report of the senses become sharper, making the dieter poet in harmony with their ancient ancestors 'hunter-gatherer' ways of living and burning fat. The third phase is essentially the lifetime maintenance phase, such as healthy food choices are encouraged in any amount, as well as plenty of water. Caveman diet advocates preach a return to how people were meant to eat the body will return to a natural way of burning fat.

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Macrobiotics Diet And Nutrition

Macrobiotics Diet And Nutrition
Macrobiotics Diet

macrobiotiek-dieet In the list of 'interesting diets on which we want to know the "Macrobiotics should not be missed. In this article you can read more about this special nutrition and attitudes that are hidden behind it. You read it to me?

What is Macrobiotics?
Macrobiotics is actually called a diet. It is a nutrition and health education. It's a way of life. That sounds very different than a diet. It was the Japanese George Ohsawa who discovered and developed this doctrine. Macrobiotics is a combination of 5,000 years of experience and knowledge of Japanese Zen Buddhism and Western science. In this nutrition is central that yin and yang must be in balance.

Macrobiotics is based on the ideas of Zen Buddhism. The word "macrobiotics," which is derived from the Greek, can be fairly easily translated. 'Makros' means big, "bios," meaning life. Loosely translated, we can

making it "the art of living comprehensive."
The macrobiotic diet is quite strict and austere diet. It contains simplicity, balance and self-discipline central. Sounds pretty Japanese! Today many people are looking for peace and balance, so perhaps this diet is sometimes hype.

Now you know a little more about where nutrition comes from and what it means. But you do not know what someone eats macrobiotic living Zoal. We are going to tell you!

Macrobiotic food
The standard diet of a person who eats macrobiotic, is as follows:

50-60% cereals and cereal
20-25% vegetables
12% legumes and seaweed
6% soup
7% other products
You might notice that the diet mainly contains many grains and vegetables. It is important to note here is that, according to the teachings of the macrobiotiek the vegetables and fruits may not be chemically treated. That is: no fertilizer may be used, no other animal fertilizers and the plant should not be grown in greenhouses. Chemicals and dyes are unacceptable.

In short, do you come from organic and preferably regionally grown fruits and vegetables. You can assume that these are products where all the vitamins and fibers are still preserved in. There's no mess to pass. Thanks so so healthy!

It is striking that spices are avoided. Food should be enjoyed as pure as possible. Also, it is recommended to put on every morsel to chew about 50 times. This helps digestion.

In the heart of the matter the Macrobiotic diet is much like a vegan diet. But perhaps we could say that this is just one step further. After all, a vegan does not necessarily organic vegetables to eat, can indulge in tropical fruit and he can eat a dish with lots of spices. Alternatively eat someone Macrobiotic eating quite a few times a week and you can fish from a vegan not say that.

Cooking techniques that are commonly used in macrobiotic cooking are:

pressure cooking
briefly fried (tempura)
There are no spices used in principle, but to bring the food to taste is for miso and unrefined sea salt made an exception. Macrobiotic food does absolutely not to be bland in taste and with the many cooking techniques out there, it is possible to conjure up creative meals on the table.

Daily food
You're likely to become curious about what someone eats macrobiotic living do on a day. We have it below for you to put a row:

Cereals: the basis of every meal is that it consists of 50-60% of whole grains. You can think of brown rice and whole grain varieties of wheat, barley, millet, rye, corn, buckwheat and other whole grains. Oatmeal, noodles, pasta, bread and other flour products are not daily, but eaten occasionally.
Legumes: 10% of the daily diet. Think of lentils, chickpeas, tofu, tempeh, and chickpeas.
Vegetables: 25-30% of the daily diet. Organic and unprocessed. Preferably also grown locally.
Soup: there are 1 or 2 cups of soup eaten daily. The base of this soup is miso, shoyu or tamari (Japanese soy sauces) seaweed and vegetables.
Animal products: are not eaten in principle. However, several times a week, there is a small amount of fish or seafood on the menu. One should eat this together with horseradish, wasabi or ginger. These products detoxify the body of the effect that fish has on our bodies.
Seeds and nuts: modestly these eaten. Not every day.
Fruits: microbrews should be eaten. So no tropical fruits such as mangoes and pineapples. Fruit is eaten several times a week; not every day.
Desserts and sweets are sometimes permitted, provided that they are sweetened with natural resources such as rice syrup and barley malt.

Healthy or unhealthy?
As with any diet, or any nutrition, also comes to Macrobiotics a lot of commentary. For example, the food would generally be too salty. Macrobiotic food can indeed be quite salty. Frequent use is made of miso, tamari or Shoya and sea salt. On the other hand, someone who does not eat fast Macrobiotic something ready-klaars food from a supermarket. Because of this he gets on the field again within less salt than anyone else.

Also, there is sometimes criticized as: why so little fruit? Why no animal products? Why so sober eat? It is true that there is less fruit eaten. On the other hand there was again a lot of vegetables (and thus fiber and vitamins) eaten. Animal products bring fat and cholesterol with a diet. This is avoided in the Macrobiotics. And sober? It's just what you call sober. When you consider how many fruits and cereals are there, then you can still just ahead with your inspiration!

Health Benefits of Macrobiotics
Fortunately, we hear not just criticism or negative comments about the macrobiotic lifestyle. People who have suffered under this dietetics give life to many health benefits.
Because the food contains little saturated fat and fast carbs, the risk of heart disease and obesity to a minimum. Because hardly any animal products to be eaten and sugar, the chance of getting various types of cancer is reduced. In short, macrobiotic food would ever be able to give a huge boost to your health!

Insulin resistance diet - The big culprit!

Insulin resistance diet - The big culprit!

insulin resitance dietObesity increases the likelihood of getting a variety of degenerative diseases such as heart -en vascular disease and diabetes.
That is the reason that many people do all kinds of things to get to a healthy weight and maintain it.

Unfortunately, it appears that it is very difficult to realize this.
98% of people who diet falls back within 2 years and has a weight equal to or greater than the weight at which they started the diet.

The number of overweight people is increasing.
At present, more than 40% of the people to be heavy and therefore have an increased risk.

Diabetes II is well on its way to becoming disease number one.
Diabetes is a harbinger of the Metabolic Syndrome (also called pre-diabetes.)
The Metabolic Syndrome is caused by a combination of lack of exercise and poor diet.

What is Metabolic Syndrome?
metabolic syndrome overview Metabolic syndrome is a combination of a number of disorders namely:
metabolic syndrome
Increased blood glucose
High blood pressure
Increased cholesterol
Elevated triglycerides

The Metabolic Syndrome (pre-diabetes) is a modern epidemic.

25% of the adult has metabolic syndrome
25% of the adult is in the early stages of the metabolic syndrome
33% of children will develop diabetes

What symptoms indicate (the creation of) the metabolic syndrome?

  • Energy Continuous fatigue, daytime sleepiness or drowsiness or drowsiness after meals.
  • Nervous Lack of concentration, poor memory, poor work performance under pressure.
  • Nutrition Needs candy, soft drinks or coffee between meals, disappearance of fatigue after eating, irritability before meals, feeling faint when the meal is delayed, the morning hard to get going, feeling hungry between meals or at night .
  • Other Vibration (shaking) of the hands, blurred vision, dizziness, light-headedness, coordination problems (dropping things, bumping into things), excessive sweating, muscle spasms or cramps, much thirst, excessive urination, weight changes.

Does diet?
In the first instance, the glycogen reserve is consumed. Then the body will burn kitonen.
There is then burned half fat and half muscles. Since the muscles, reduce, there is also, ultimately, less burned.
Most of the calories consumed by the muscles, but the muscles of the calories may not record.

What can or will be done?
It turns out that the following a diet does not work. The reasons for this are:

A diet is a short term solution to a long-term problem
Most diets are unbalanced and unhealthy (eliminating all fat and carbohydrates, while the body fat and carbohydrates needed)
A diet does not solve the root cause ie insulin resistance.
Research has shown that prediabetes (Metabolic Syndrome), diabetes and in the same way should be treated, ie. Due to a change in lifestyle.
NOT by medicines. It is thereby important that the insulin resistance is addressed.

Insulin resistance
Insulin residual variance occurs mainly through diet avoiding big spikes in blood sugar levels.
These peaks allow you quick energy, but shortly after experiencing a dip.
Blood sugar levels plummet so that creates a very low blood sugar.
This is a situation gevaalijke for the body. The body will produce stress hormones and release.
These stress hormones cause oxidative stress.

blood sugar

Oxidative stress is a metabolic state wherein more than a normal physiological amount of reactive oxygen species in the cells is present.
Because of that free radicals are released which cause of many degenerative diseases.

The high peaks in blood sugar caused by fast simple carbohydrates.
The complex slow carbohydrates have no large peaks and therefore no major declines.

The Glycemic Index is a standard for the different foods.

To prevent or reduce insulin resistance is therefore important mainly foods with a low glycemic index to consume.

If you want to lose weight and to reduce insulin resistance, you can delete the best bread, potatoes, white or jasmine rice, pasta and cereal for about 4 weeks from the diet.
These products all have a very high glycemic index.

There are quite find replacement products. Thus, it is better to take fruit fructose (fruit sugar) something containing granulated sugar.
Granulated sugar has a GI of 70, Fructose has a GI of 20

Instead of jasmine rice you can take basmati rice or brown rice.
Jasmine rice has a GI of 115. Basmati rice has a GI of 50

High GI products also ensure that you get more pull in food.
There are even scientists who assume that the binge eating that we gather under emotion eat anything with emotions Hebbe to make, but the result of insulin resistance are.

Look here a list of foods and their glycemic index.

It has been shown that can be done, the Insulin resistance offset by a well program. The risk of relapse is therefore very small.

How such a program look like then?
Proper diet with foods with a low GI
Adequate exercise (30 minutes per day) five days a week
Dietary supplements in a very high dose. The normal dietary supplements provide a basic dose. However, this is not sufficient to provide the proper amount of anti-oxidants.
I hope I've been able to identify well with this article how important it is to prevent or reduce insulin resistance.

Leave your comment below or tips behind.

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Scarsdale Diet

Scarsdale diet
Scarsdale Diet
Basic Rules 

- Eat exactly what is shown. Take nothing else.
- Do not drink alcohol
- Eat between meals only carrots and celery (may be all you want)
- The only permitted drinks are regular or decaf black tea, soda water (with lemon if desired), all kinds of sugar-free soft drinks (all you want).
- Make all salads ready without oil, mayonnaise or other fatty suasjes. Use only lemon and vinegar or mustard dressing or vinaigrette
- Eat vegetables without butter or other fat Margaine you can still use lemon.
- All of the meat is very lean, remove before eating all visible fat. Cut for eating all fat and skin from chicken or turkey.
- You do not have anything on the menu to eat, but take nothing or add nothing to toe.U must keep an eye on the specified combinations.
- Never overload your stomach! If you feel satisfied, stop.
- Do not stay longer than 14 days on the diet.

Daily breakfast:
1/2 crap fruit (if not available take another fresh fruit)
1 slice of toasted whole wheat bread without fillings
tea / coffee (no sugar, cream or milk)

Replace Lunch (useful if you are going to work)
100g low-fat cottage cheese mixed with 1 tbsp. fat sour cream
fruit sliced, all you want.
6 walnut halves or pecanoten, whole or chopped and mixed with or
sprinkled over the fruit
coffee / tea or sugar-free soft drink of your choice

Mixed cold meat (you can choose from lean meats, chicken, turkey, tongue etc.
Tomatoes, raw sliced, stewed or grilled.
Coffee / tea / soda water.
All kinds of fish or shellfish.
Mixed salad leaves or other vegetables as much as you want
1 slice of toasted whole wheat bread
grapefruit (or else other fruit) coffee / tea

Fruit salad of all kinds of fruits as much as you want
Coffee / tea
Fair amount of grilled lean meat (beef)
Tomatoes, lettuce, celery, olives, brussels sprouts or cucumber
Coffee / tea

Tuna or canned salmon first oil pour with a dressing of lemon or vinegar.
Grapefruit, melon or other fresh fruit
Coffee / tea
Slice roast lamb (already cut the fat)
Kopsla salad, tomatoes, cucumber, celery
Coffee / tea

Two eggs (any way you want to use any fat in baking)
Skinny cottage cheese
Zucchini or green beans or sliced ​​raw or stewed tomatoes
1 slice of toasted whole wheat bread
coffee / tea
Grilled or roasted head, as much as you want (remove before eating fat and skin)
Fair amount of spinach, green peppers beans
Coffee / tea

Various types of cheese
Spinach, as much as you want
1 slice of toasted whole wheat bread
coffee / tea
Fish or shellfish
Mixed salad (as much fresh fruit as you like, can also finely sliced ​​cold cooked vegetable)
1 slice of toasted whole wheat bread
coffee / tea

Fruit salad as much as you want
Coffee / tea
Roasted chicken or turkey
Salad of tomatoes and lettuce
Grapefruit or other fresh fruit
Coffee / tea

Cold or hot chicken or turkey
Tomatoes, carrots, cauliflower or boiled kool.broccoli
Grapefruit or other fresh fruit
Coffee / tea
Fair amount of lean roast beef for dinner cut off the fat (sirloin fillet or rump steak sirloin etc.)
Salad of lettuce ,, cucumber celery tomatoes (raw or cooked)
Brussels sprouts
Coffee / tea

Make sure you get a day 1 1/2 to 2 liters of drinking water otherwise the waste can not escape and then you get a headache.
The second week you do the same

If you want to lose weight even more after two weeks, go first 2 weeks on the Stay-Fit Diet.
Basic rules Keep-Fit Diet
- No more than two slices of bread a day.
- No sugar - sweetener allowed.
- No potatoes, rice, avocado, brown and white beans, spaghetti or similar starchy foods.
- No sweets or desserts (cakes, cookies, jams, canned fruit, chocolate) except fruit gelatin or pudding without sugar.
- Limit alcohol consumption to one glass of liquor a day or 1 glass of dry wine, beer NO.
- Carrots and celery are always eaten.
- No cream, no milk.
- No ice, milk shake, sorbet.
- No sausage, salami or other fatty meats.
- No fat sauces, peanut butter, butter, oil, grease.

Tasty and Good luck!

Ketogenic Diet

Ketogenic Diet

Already in 1929 the ketogenic diet has been employed as a therapy in the treatment of epilepsy. But after all sorts of drugs came on the market, this diet faded into the background. For some time this therapy again in the spotlight.
ketogenic diet
In general, it is stated that (young) children benefit most from the ketogenic diet. It is in most cases only be applied in children with difficult (drug untreatable) form of epilepsy, and wherein also brain surgery is not possible. The brains of young children are still developing, and diet can have the most impact. No clear results are known about the results of the diet in older children and adults.

The ketogenic diet is rich in fat and contains very few carbohydrates and proteins. This means relatively little bread, potatoes and eat fruit. The energy has to come from fats. The purpose of the diet is the formation of ketones in the body. These ketones formed during the degradation of fats and play a role in the reduction of seizures. Why ketones have this effect is not known.

Classic or MCT
There are two different types of the ketogenic diet: the classical (1921) and the MCT diet. The first is based on long chain fats and the second of medium-chain fats. The diets differences in the type and amount of fat. Epilepsy Centre Kempenhaeghe Heeze, the Sophia Children's Hospital Rotterdam and the Wilhelmina Children (WKZ) use of UMC Utrecht often the MCT diet. Foundation Epilepsy Institutes Netherlands (SEIN) in Heemstede and UMC St. Radboud in Nijmegen use the classic ketogenic diet. Research shows that the effects of both diets are equal:
-one third of the clients are having ninety percent reduction attack or even seizure-free
-has a one-third reduction in seizures of fifty to ninety percent
-and at one-third the diet gives no effect on seizures.

Because the ketogenic diet has significant consequences for a child because of the drastic change in eating habits and it is also not free of potential complications, it is not prescribed as fast. But, if it helps, it can improve the quality of life. The advantage of this is that diet is seen in a child within three months, or has the effect, or not, and that the diet after two to three years, in principle, is terminated.

It is not yet clear exactly how do reduce ketones attacks, despite the fact that the (classical) ketogenic diet for decades is applied. Therefore, urged by neurologists and scientists on comparative research into the effect of the ketogenic diet and treatment with antiepileptic drugs. Furthermore, research is needed into the effects of diet on health.

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mediterranean diet recipes

Mediterranean Diet Recipes

mediterranean diet recipes


In the prevention of arteriosclerosis, heart and vascular diseases caused, the Mediterranean diet plays an important role. Also, in the prevention of obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, Alzheimer's disease is the Mediterranean diet is very important.

Everyone talks about it but few know what it exactly entails. In origin it is the food like they used to be eaten in Greece and finally above Crete, Italy, Spain and Portugal. However, it is much more than pizza, spaghetti, olive oil and red wine. It's a completely different way of food, preparing food, the meals themselves use quiet, drinks, exercise, reducing stress. It is rather a rather than a diet. A lifestyle

Here are just the basics but with this you have a good start to your Belgian food little by little to bend to a Mediterranean diet healthier. It is a tasty and achievable diet with plenty of gourmet options and perfectly fit in our current Belgian food. There are plenty of cookbooks which are countless recipes. On the internet there are numerous recipes (see below). Or go to Greece and order there is no Belgian menu but a typical Greek menu, all the trimmings. Or go to the covered markets in the south.

It works better than the classic low-fat diet. It is not a diet "this should not" but a diet of "this should be". . The Mediterranean diet contains less saturated fat and more healthy fiber, carbohydrates and abundant antioxidants.

I advice given to everyone there anyway think about it very seriously. About what you eat and what the impact of our diet on our health.


The Mediterranean diet is freshness and quality is very important. Fresh food is very important because the process many useful substances such as antioxidants, flavonoids lost go. The Mediterranean cuisine is also a simple, honest cooking each ingredient respected to his own taste. Is It's no frills cuisine. Taking time for eating, eat quietly, pay attention to what you eat, small to moderate amounts. The number of calories remains limited. (1800-2500kcal / day). Stay lean is important.

mediterranean diet recipes


Daily and abundantly used in almost every meal.
In particular, fresh and raw vegetables
Tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines, onions, garlic, artichokes, cucumbers, peppers: everything you find on the southern market.
Salads varied with seeds, seeds, nuts, olive oil
Legumes such as lentils, beans, peas, chickpeas.


Fresh fruit is abundant. Minimum 3 pieces per day.
If dessert is fresh fruit very important
Dried fruits such as figs and dates.
Nuts and seeds (sunflower, pine) are also very important.

Pasta, cereal, board, rice ...

Bread and especially whole grain bread.
Pasta, rice, potatoes, to a lesser extent
Whole wheat or whole rice to elect


Use all fish weekly. Minimum 2 x per week.
Given it comes to diet around the Mediterranean she is especially seafood very important.
Shellfish and crustaceans, shrimp, trout, sardines, tuna, squid and salmon ....

Dairy and milk products:

Low-fat yogurt, cottage cheese and low-fat cheeses. Especially goat and sheep cheese.
Limiting cow's milk cheese.

Fats and oils:

Olive oil (extra-virgin) is the main source of fat. Healthy but use it sparingly. Creeping. For baking and roasting.
Also rapeseed oil is fine.
Use little or no butter. Bread is eaten dipped in a bit of olive oil.
Also margarine is not part of the Mediterranean diet.
Fried things are not eaten or much less.

Meat and eggs:

Little meat, especially lean meats.

Very little red meat. Sheep, cattle and swine to only monthly use.
Weekly poultry such as chicken.
Few eggs: 0-4 per week.


The Mediterranean cuisine is well-known for its delicious herbs.

Bay, thyme, saffron, basil, parsley, oregano, rosemary, sage.
Very little or no salt.


Two glasses of red wine per day during meals.
Also, many non-fizzy fresh water during the meal. Obligatory.
Only self fruit juices.
Tea and coffee welcome but especially after meals ..
Soft drinks and beer do not belong absolutely to the Mediterranean diet


Sweets with sugar or honey are limited to special occasions.
Candy out of the question.
Avoid sugar. Ex Yogurt without sugar.

3 Day Diet - lose weight 4800 grams in three days

3 Day Diet

3 day diet

3 day diet to lose weight 4800 grams in three days. You have to do the three day diet exactly follow otherwise the 3 day diet is not working properly.
You may complete the prescribed food coffee and tea without milk and sugar, enough water is also very important during the three day diet.
The 3 day diet is designed for people who want to lose large amounts of weight.
Metabolism is the fact that the combination of the power supply is so balanced work is accelerated. With this diet, it is not necessary to remove special food products in the home or to prepare recipes.
The diet you have to persevere for three days as prescribed. Then you have four days of normal eating. If you follow the rules you can sustain the diet very long. 
It is not the intention of the diet to make you starve. The idea is that you eat normal meals at normal times.
Make sure you go after the three days you damage overtake by going extra food in the four days after.
Below is an overview of the eating schedule of the three day diet.

Day 1
1 brown toast
2 paplepels peanut butter
One half grapefruit
coffee / tea
60 gr. drained tuna in water (canned)
1 brown toast
95 gr. lean meat (chicken / roast beef)
120 gr. green beans
120 gr. cooked beets (not canned)
1 small apple
120 gr. vanilla ice cream (cup)

Day 2
1 boiled egg on toast
One half banana
120 gr. cottage cheese or low-fat cottage cheese or cottage cheese
5 crackers (craqottes)
Three sausages in a tin
120 gr. brocolli
60 gr. roots
One half banana
60 gr. vanilla ice cream

Day 3
5 crackers (craqottes)
100 gr. Cheddar
1 small apple
1 hard-boiled egg
1 piece of toast
60 gr. tuna
120 gr. cooked beets (not canned)
120 gr. cauliflower
One half part not too sweet melon
60 gr. vanilla ice cream

Give your opinion on: 3 day diet

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1200 Calorie Diet

1200 calorie diet
1200 calorie diet

The 1200 calorie diet is an extended version of the 1000 calorie diet.

 During this diet you can eat a little more crowded making it easier to hold and there is less chance of the JoJo effect
The diet is based on six fixed meal times a day, keeping your body burn. Put your right too (extra) movement in any form, then lose several pounds in a week is quite possible. Drink 2 liters of water per day.

Sample 1200 calories daily:
1 slice of bread (35gr)
protein siege: 
45 grams of roast beef, or
45 grams of smoked beef, or
50 grams of lean ham, or
35 grams of lean bacon, or
50 grams of chicken, or
50 grams of turkey, or
1 egg, or
100g low-fat cottage cheese, or
35 grams fat cheese.
coffee with skim milk, no sugar.
halvarine (if necessary) max. 5 grams

1 slice of bread (35gram)
halvarine (if necessary) max. 5 grams
75 grams fat yogurt
canned fruit in water (60 grams)
coffee with skim milk without sugar

250 ml soup without potatoes and binders, with lots of vegetables based on defatted broth or water
roasted lean meat (100 grams)
cooked vegetables in water (200 grams)
boiled, steamed or baked potatoes (100g)

Vanilla Pudding based on skimmed milk (125ml)

1 slice of bread (35 g)
halvarine (if necessary) max. 5 grams
protein siege (see B)
raw or cooked vegetables or one piece of fresh fruit (150 grams)
coffee with skim milk, no sugar.

1 slice of bread (35 g)
halvarine (if necessary) max. 5 grams
protein siege (see breakfast)
Coffee with skim milk, no sugar

No carb diet ? this is Lose weight with a low carb diet

Lose weight with a low carb diet
low carb diet
 Lose weight with a low carb diet
In a low carb diet you eat (much) less carbohydrates and more protein and fat often.
This helps in losing weight, because the production of insulin is reduced, making your body store less fat.
Weight loss is based on eating less bread, pasta and potatoes;
and just more meat, eggs, legumes and nuts.
The secret is not to lose weight by cutting calories, but lose by less carbohydrates.

 A low carb diet or a low carbohydrate diet is a diet where you eat fewer carbohydrates than in a normal diet. There are several low carb diets, which to some are very well known. Examples include Atkins Diet, Dukan Diet, South Beach Diet, Stillman diet and Slow carb diet . In some of these there is less than 10% of the calories you take out of carbohydrates, while that is normally between 40% and 70%.

Low carb diet: the theory of weight loss
In a low carb diet it is not so much that you eat fewer calories (although that often is part of the diet), but above all else to eat. Weight loss with a low carb diet is done by the ratio of carbohydrates, fat and modify protein (drastically). You eat less carbohydrates and you eat more fat and protein.

The idea here is that carbohydrates provide for the storage of fat in your body. Carbohydrates you until you take are converted into sugars, so you can use them as fuel. At the same goes your pancreas - as a result of high blood sugar - produce extra insulin. And insulin promotes fat storage in your body. In fact, without insulin, there is no fat storage possible. When you less carbs until you take insulin production is lower and can be therefore less fat storage.

What you may not eat a low carb diet?
The low carb diet is not a specific method to lose weight; it is a designation for a group of diets which are all based on the above principle. It varies by diet you should not eat if you want to lose weight. But there are broadly to interpret.

Sugars are certainly out of the question. That means no sugar in the tea, no sugar in the coffee, no soft drinks, no candy. But many products that are generally seen as healthy should be eaten less frequently, and are sometimes not allowed at all. Think of bread, potatoes, pasta, rice and cereal. These contain a lot of carbohydrate in the form of starch and fibers. This is converted by the body into sugars.

Fruit and vegetables contain sugars, starches and fiber. In most diets may, however, a normal portion and green vegetables are eaten. Sometimes there are limitations and there, and they look to the fruits and vegetables that contain the least carbohydrates. These are, in the case of fruit, for example, broccoli, cauliflower and spinach.

What can you eat on a low carb diet?
The list of products that you should not eat a low carbohydrate diet is often quite long. But there are also products in front of you just need to eat more. These are products that are high in fat and protein; many of them are not eating healthy and losing weight associated. It involves, for example eggs, meat (both beef, pork and chicken), fish and oils.

By decreasing the number of carbs also reduces quickly the amount of calories you take in. That is, with only meat and eggs difficult to compensate. Therefore, there are often to be found nuts and legumes in low carb diets. Some diets are fiber (complex carbohydrates) properly permitted.

In terms of drinking water is the best. Drinking water is anyway very good at losing weight , but still more important to a low carb diet, because you lose moisture faster due to the low amounts of carbohydrates.

Experiences with low carb diets
Opinions on low carb diets are somewhat divided. This applies to the opinions of scientists, as dieticians, as people who have followed a low carb diet. In one case, it seems to work and not in another. Some experts believe that eating less carbs will help you lose weight; others argue that this is possible only when the total amount of calories you take falls to you.

Where virtually all experts would agree that you can not get far without carbohydrates. Your body needs carbohydrates to function and for example, to make your brains work.

Often turns out that it is very important that you choose a way to lose weight that suits you, and where you feel comfortable with. Losing weight is a precondition for motivation . And that could very well be the most important factor that determines whether a low carb diet for you is an effective way to lose weight.

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Grapefruit Diet,lose weight with grapefruit

Grapefruit Diet

grapefruit diet

Lose weight with grapefruit or grapefruit juice

 Lose weight with grapefruit or grapefruit juice
Can you lose weight with grapefruit?
Grapefruit is often mentioned when it comes to losing weight, but is this really so?
And should you eat grapefruit or grapefruit juice choose?
How does this actually mean?

The grapefruit is a fruit native to Jamaica. It is then developed from a cross between the grapefruit and orange. The fruit can have a somewhat bitter taste, but also has a nice, tart flavor. Since the 30s the grapefruit in Hollywood is popular for weight loss.

Lose weight with Grapefruit
In America, by the Scripps Clinic conducted a study into grapefruit and losing fat. Were used for this study hundred people who weighed an average of 98 pounds. These people were divided into three groups. One group received an adjusted, healthy diet. The second group was presented with the same diet, but with every day half a grapefruit. The latter group had the same diet, but every day drank a glass of fresh grapefruit juice. After four weeks proved the groups receiving additional grapefruit, averaging about a kilo more were lost than those who had not eaten or drank grapefruit.

How can this be?
Grapefruit helps with digestion and packed with beneficial antioxidants and fiber. This has a positive effect for all who want to lose weight. A substance is in the grapefruit that may encourage more fat burning and so it helps to lose more pounds.

How much eat grapefruit?
What should you keep in mind is that grapefruit helps detox the liver. You should not to eat grapefruit long succession this reason. Do you do that, it could have a negative effect on your liver. Would you still eat grapefruit daily than do this no more than about two weeks. You can then possibly a few times a week eat grapefruit. The same is true for grapefruit juice.

Grapefruit and medication
If you use medication, it is possible that the effect of the medication is undone by the grapefruit. Always read the leaflet of your medication or you can eat grapefruit. You doubt? Consult your doctor.Juice
Will you not eat grapefruit, but use the juice, always opt for fresh grapefruit juice. Compress the preferably self. Many juices in stores contain lots of sugar and are therefore not so good for you.

Grapefruit Diet
There is a special diet that grapefruit-diet is mentioned. It can actually help you to lose weight, but note well that this is a crash diet. This means that you get enough good nutrients. If you want to lose weight in a healthy and responsible way, you should not follow this diet. Panacea?
Grapefruit can definitely help you to lose weight, but then you must also do something for it. If you do not eat healthy or not enough exercise, eating grapefruit or drinking grapefruit juice will not help. The best effect you see when you really moves well and eat a lot. Avoid sugars, salt and unhealthy fats and exercise every day for at least half an hour.

The liquid diet

The liquid diet
liquid diet
A liquid diet is often associated with a medical need. People who suffer from digestive problems, or for example, have suffered a broken jaw, are temporary or not sentenced to a liquid diet.
Also called detoxification cures write quite often a liquid diet.
However, the world has the diet liquid diet also picked up and developed several variants which aim to help you lose weight. The main criticism of these diets is that they are not healthy by definition. Still, you can, if you keep a few points in the hole, lose weight in a healthy way using a liquid diet. Here you read what to look at. We also give you a daily menu for a liquid diet.

Liquid diet: lose weight responsibly 

When a liquid diet you walk to get soon the risk too little protein, little fat and too many bad carbohydrates. But there need be no question of all when you take into account the following:

- Drink plenty of protein
A piece of meat or fish puree in a smoothie is not directly tastiest thing you can do to get enough protein. But for example, a salmon soup, you can provide a delicious way to your daily need for animal proteins.
Other good sources of proteins that absolutely should not miss in your liquid diet are soy (soy milk, sojavla), dairy (skim milk, yogurt), eggs (as binder in the soup), nuts and legumes (eg peanut soup, pea soup).

- Distinguish between good and bad carbs
Another risk of a liquid diet is that you ingest too many bad carbohydrates (sugars). Minimize honey, sugar or cane sugar. If you really have a sweet tooth, you can use sweeteners.
You shudder perhaps vegetable juices, but a mix of fruits and vegetables often produces very tasty juices on! Avoid pure fruit juice as possible and replace fruit where it can by vegetables.

- Get plenty of fiber
Fruits contain a lot of fiber, fruit juice but a lot less. Try adding whole wheat flakes to your dairy drinks and hearty soups. Brinta is ideal; it contains not only fiber, but is also a source of protein, vitamins and fiber.

- Clear fats not from your menu
Healthy fats your body needs for many important functions. It is not wise to remove it from your diet. Choose not only for low-fat dairy. Also by using broth and nuts can provide you vetbehoefte. Add some olive oil to the broth. Make the broth not too salty; too much salt is in fact a risk in this diet, but fortunately it is easy to avoid. Use instead of salt, spices and seasonings.

- Do not drink too much.
In addition to the risk of defects, with a liquid diet can also have the opposite to occur. If you drink alone, you sometimes get the feeling that you can do this indefinitely, and yet you lose weight. The opposite is true! When you consider that a diet prescribes an average of 1500 to 2000 calories per day and that a suit chocolate already contains 700 soon, then you know you have to keep watching. Also avoid alcohol; during your liquid diet this is really taboo!

- Chew gum. 
Your teeth should continue to work to stay healthy. In a liquid diet you doing this course only, so use (sugarless) gum to compensate.

- Up to two weeks
To be sure that you do not take unnecessary risks, we recommend no more than two weeks to follow a liquid diet. Of course there are plenty of examples of people with a medical need that could save fine with a liquid diet for a longer period, but it is often still slightly different.
A liquid diet is ultimately not something you want to maintain the rest of your life and there are plenty of tasty alternatives.

Liquid diet: daily

A daily menu for a responsible liquid diet may be as follows:

Breakfast: Mix 1 cup nonfat yogurt, three tablespoons Brinta, half a banana and a handful of mixed fruit (eg strawberries and berries) to a delicious smoothie. Add sweetener or only one tablespoon of honey or cane sugar.

Snack: One cup of tomato soup is a good snack. The sweet tooth can take a glass of mixed fruit and vegetable juice.

Lunch: Take two cups of delicious pea soup you made ​​broth, fresh peas, potato, cream (not too much), spices and nuts. It may seem strange, but a handful of peanuts or cashews gives a wonderful flavor to your soup and ensures a good bond.
If you do not want green peas, you can use as an alternative beans.

Snack: One glass of chocolate milk or yogurt drink.

Dinner: For dinner you eat two plates of salmon soup you make broth, one large salmon fillet, 1 cup light cream, one potato, onion and tomato. Make the soup flavored with lemon zest and parsley.

Dessert: For dessert you can have a cup of light cream.

This liquid diet daily, you provide a healthy way to your daily nutritional needs without extremely low calories to take to you.
Drink plenty of water or herbal tea right, but do not go crazy. Besides your liquid diet sufficient magnum.
One or two cups of coffee without sugar, you may have also best.

Monday, November 17, 2014

Blood Type Diet

Blood Type Diet

blood type diet
Blood Type Diet
Peter d'Adamo "Eat right for your type ': that is the slogan that captured the American doctor Peter D'Adamo natural diet country. His basic thesis? Through your diet to tune in your blood, avoid your health and lose weight.

Every human being is totally unique: it has its own genetic code or DNA. The blood type is such a powerful genetic fingerprint. What blood type you have - O, A, B or AB - Depends on the "chemical recognition stabbing" the red blood pigment. This sign is called the antigen. In addition, each blood group also produces specific antibodies against other blood types, hence blood types should never be mixed.

Antisto ffen ready

The blood type and diet have to do with each other in two ways, Bloedgroepdieet says the American doctor Peter D'Adamo nature in his book "Eat Right for Your Type.
blood type dietThe antibodies for a specific blood type, which are directed against different blood groups, may also respond to different food constituents. Eenvoorbeeld: someone metbloedgroep A antibodies react strongly to milk because the amino sugars of milk so similar to the amino sugar that group B states. This reaction creates excessive mucus in the sinuses, stomach and intestines. For people with blood type A is milk so a bypass product.
Conversely substances in food can cause a reaction with the antigens associated with a certain blood type. For example, the lectins (a type of protein) in wheat grains and react with the antigens of blood group O and disturb the metabolism. Therefore, people with blood type O wheat and cereals delete better from their menu.

Your blood type determines your menu

Do you want to be and stay healthy? Avoid the foods that provoke an immune reaction in your blood and put more products on the menu that stimulate your metabolism, that is the basic thesis of the blood type diet.
To make it a little easier, D'Adamo has a blood group made a list of foods that are 'beneficial' (they work as a kind of drug) products 'shun' are (for your organism they poison) and "neutral 'products.

Lean and healthy?

Peter D'Adamo, therefore, that, just as there is no universal diet is where everyone feels comfortable with - whether it is the Mediterranean diet, vegetarianism, macrobiotics or another application - there is also no slimming diet is suitable for everyone . People with blood type O thickening of wheat, corn and most of the cabbage. but thin red Clees, fish, kale, spinach and broccol. For AB blood types are different mechanisms.
What can you expect ofthe blood type diet? D'Adamo is careful: this is not a miracle diet that does fly off the pounds. Healthy and continue to be, since it is in the first place. Yet even overweight people every interest to follow his nutrition: by tuning your diet on your blood type, after all, improves your metabolism, stabilize your insulin production and get your hormones better balance. The result is, yes, weight loss!

blood type diet food

Is the blood type diet for you?

It is suitable for anyone who believes in the scientific theory behind the diet. Just follow the instructions for your blood type and send to any function of your own needs. Consult your doctor if you are taking medication or are pregnant.

Guidelines for each blood type

- Do not eat pork.
- Eat low fat: fat leads

Pro blood type diet

- Quite varied and easy to apply. You have a lot of space when choosing the ingredients and quantities are not limited.
- Adepts of the blood type diet confirm that they have more energy, look better and feel better about themselves. That is the greatest strength of the diet: that you learn constructively and consciously deal with your health.

Contra blood type diet

- The theory of the blood type diet is nothing more than that: a theory. In no way has been proven that your blood type and your diet are linked. Scientists have also made more than once firewood from the ideas of Peter D'Adamo, who only has a natural doctor training to stand on his record and is not a scholar.
- Only those who have blood type AB, according to this diet wheat well tolerated. That can cause problems for our daily kitchen, which relies heavily on wheat and other grain products. So it is not very clear from what sources of carbohydrates owners of blood type O should get their energy.
- The ideas of grabbing the blood type diet back to the diets of our far ancestors. But the people in prehistoric times had a life expectancy of just 30 years, what a comparison with our way of life very difficult. Meanwhile, we also know that the first people do occasionally eat meat if the hunt had been successful, but they fell back to the daily diet in which the women could gather in edible berries, seeds and carrots. The story of the prehistoric man / hunter who mainly ate meat, is somewhat outdated.

According to Peter D'Adamo, the different blood groups created by the migration of man on the earth.

On his journey from Africa over the world in search of new territories, the man had to adapt constantly. Another climate, new foods, they all had the same number of challenges for the biological system of the prehistoric man. But also because of changing habits, from hunter to farmer for example, the human body had to adapt.
As group O of the hunter-gatherer would be the oldest blood type and respond well Control eating meat. The blood is then spread from Africa to Europe and Asia. The CroMagnonmens who lived between 70,000 and 40,000 before our era, had an O blood type. Blood type A farmer plants eater, would be more recent and have spread from the agrarian Middle East to North Africa and Europe.
Blood type B Nomad spread from Asia to the Himalayas and to Central Europe. Blood Types A and B are better served with vegetarian diet.
Blood type AB blood type is the most recent: the people with this blood type are also opposed to a lot of modern foods file.

"The blood type diet is the ideal method for losing weight: no yo-yo effect, go count calories, but a healthy and responsible way to get to your natural weight and stay" - Dr. Carl Hoffman

blood group aBlood type A

1. A antigen
2. Anti-B-antibody

Eat as many vegetarian: a small piece of chicken or turkey occasionally can. Use lots of carbohydrates. Avoid dairy: replace milk with soy products and very occasional nap goat or sheep cheese. Shellfish are absolutely out of the question.

blood group BBlood type B

1. A antigen
2. B-antigen

A varied diet is most suitable meat, fish (except seafood), vegetables (except tomatoes) and grains (but little wheat). This blood type is the only dairy tolerates.
blood group AB

AB blood

1. B-antigen
2. Anti-A-antibody

Combines the features of A and B. Of all blood types AB can tolerate most foods. Shellfish are not suitable.

blood group OBlood type O

1. Anti-A-antibody
2. Anti-B-antibody

Eat lots of protein (meat except pork and fish), and low in carbohydrates (potatoes, pasta, rice, bread, cereals). Avoid dairy products, wheat and other cereals.

Paleo diet

Paleo Diet - Eating like our body has meant
paleo diet
paleo diet
What is the Paleo Diet?
The paleo diet is a look behind the scenes of our forefathers. Long story short - it means that you are going to eat more natural foods as you do now. Our body is here because on set, but in the age we live in now, you can get food on every street corner.
And our food shelf life, we throw a lot of junk in. Not good ... Like the sugars, salt and carbohydrates that are in all our processed foods and where the majority of Dutch people with eating full every day.
And no, I do not just mean the chips, cookies and desserts. But also the things that a lot of people are not aware that it is "bad" for you.
The consequence is a growing group of Dutch with (significantly) overweight. The paleo diet can make a difference!
The paleo diet is back in the time of our paleo ancestors, and the thought that these people were probably not quite so crazy. They knew that their body functions best when they ate food that was not edited.
Actually they did not know better, because this food was for their unavailable.
They ate, what we as people are being to eat from mother nature.
Why is the Paleo Diet Popular?
Or rather, why should it be popular in the Netherlands, since this diet in America has made enormous advances.
It's simple. I can say in a sense how this diet. And therefore, it is easy to follow. The paleo diet, you focus on the quality of the food you eat, and not the quantity. This means no calorie counting, no scales and more focus on quality food.
It works. I have NOT read stories of people who have not been helped by the paleo diet. At least not all the sites I've come across while searching for information (see for yourself).
The popularity of this diet is because people have come to realize that if you are "common sense" is used sometimes you yourself can see how we're all in this obesity / weight of age have fallen. And when we come back to our "roots" go and the paleo diet to follow in practice that we see - it really works!

What food can I eat during the paleo diet?
Generally consist of the paleo diet meals of meat / fish, vegetables, fruit, nuts and seeds. If it moves or you can eat it raw, then it's probably "paleo-proof". You can also set the paleo diet food list view.

Where can I find paleo diet recipes, and it is not boring to always eat the same thing?
You can view my extensive list of paleo recipes. And no, there are recipes in which the water runs from your mouth.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Detox diet


detox diet
Detox diet

The fact that much food is loaded with chemicals and all kinds of toxins. If we walk into any supermarket is bizarre that you encounter all to chemicals. Often you do not even own it through but have you ever wondered how all light and fat-free products do come to their taste? Precisely, by all sorts of extra 'unnatural' nutrients.

Did you know the average citizen per year, about 3.5 to 6.5 kg of food additives and chemicals every year takes? Those are big numbers where I also had properly gone.

Because we eat so many chemicals it often happens that your digestive system is damaged by these substances and your fat burning is delayed. These substances (including light and fat-free products) ensure, so that you can burn less fat. Fortunately, here comes the Detox diet around the corner, you can detoxify your body namely to get rid of as these fabrics.

Toxic dust
Only the word "toxic" sounds at all. Unfortunately, we'll all walk with a lot of toxic dust in our bodies around. These toxins include heavy metals such as mercury and lead. It can also pesticides and PCBs, thus are vegetables and fruits often sprayed. These substances make us dull and lifeless and accumulate in our bodies and the fat. This is extremely dangerous and can even be carcinogenic.

But, fortunately there is the detox diet. The word says it all: you will get rid of all those pesky dust using this detox diet. This is not a fast diet because the substances that often accumulate in your fat properly released when you burn fat fast. This detox diet is not really meant to get in fewer calories, but to make the right food choices. That way you go healthier life and touch you also lose the hazardous substances.

How does a detox diet
There are several ways to stick to a detox diet. The key is to change your eating habits . Avoiding toxins is of course at the top of the to-do list. This is best done by eating lots of organic fruits and vegetables so you sprayed the food a miss. It is therefore also important in order to eat much less meat, it contains at first a lot of fat, and secondly a lot of chemical substances, such as antibiotics and unnecessary metals. It is also recommended for the vegetables to eat raw as possible, so you get all the healthy nutritional supplements.

If you still active weight to lose than it is with a detox diet is also important to move a lot. Running or any other sport is always a nice way to quickly detoxify and to gain a good condition at the same time. So you also get a nice figure thanks to the detox diet.

A method that uses mostly of detoxifying your body and avoiding chemicals is the Paleo Diet . With this diet 'banish' all the processed foods and all chemicals from your diet making you fitter faster, more energetic and feel better. It will be followed not only by people who want to lose weight but also by people who find their body very important.

Before you begin a detox diet we recommend the following steps.

First, go to the doctor, he will be able to advise whether a detox diet suits you.
Read your well, you will for a long time a lot of things not to eat and drink.
Make sure you get the right ingredients at home and keep you disciplined to the plan.
And finally, do not exaggerate.