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The liquid diet

The liquid diet
liquid diet
A liquid diet is often associated with a medical need. People who suffer from digestive problems, or for example, have suffered a broken jaw, are temporary or not sentenced to a liquid diet.
Also called detoxification cures write quite often a liquid diet.
However, the world has the diet liquid diet also picked up and developed several variants which aim to help you lose weight. The main criticism of these diets is that they are not healthy by definition. Still, you can, if you keep a few points in the hole, lose weight in a healthy way using a liquid diet. Here you read what to look at. We also give you a daily menu for a liquid diet.

Liquid diet: lose weight responsibly 

When a liquid diet you walk to get soon the risk too little protein, little fat and too many bad carbohydrates. But there need be no question of all when you take into account the following:

- Drink plenty of protein
A piece of meat or fish puree in a smoothie is not directly tastiest thing you can do to get enough protein. But for example, a salmon soup, you can provide a delicious way to your daily need for animal proteins.
Other good sources of proteins that absolutely should not miss in your liquid diet are soy (soy milk, sojavla), dairy (skim milk, yogurt), eggs (as binder in the soup), nuts and legumes (eg peanut soup, pea soup).

- Distinguish between good and bad carbs
Another risk of a liquid diet is that you ingest too many bad carbohydrates (sugars). Minimize honey, sugar or cane sugar. If you really have a sweet tooth, you can use sweeteners.
You shudder perhaps vegetable juices, but a mix of fruits and vegetables often produces very tasty juices on! Avoid pure fruit juice as possible and replace fruit where it can by vegetables.

- Get plenty of fiber
Fruits contain a lot of fiber, fruit juice but a lot less. Try adding whole wheat flakes to your dairy drinks and hearty soups. Brinta is ideal; it contains not only fiber, but is also a source of protein, vitamins and fiber.

- Clear fats not from your menu
Healthy fats your body needs for many important functions. It is not wise to remove it from your diet. Choose not only for low-fat dairy. Also by using broth and nuts can provide you vetbehoefte. Add some olive oil to the broth. Make the broth not too salty; too much salt is in fact a risk in this diet, but fortunately it is easy to avoid. Use instead of salt, spices and seasonings.

- Do not drink too much.
In addition to the risk of defects, with a liquid diet can also have the opposite to occur. If you drink alone, you sometimes get the feeling that you can do this indefinitely, and yet you lose weight. The opposite is true! When you consider that a diet prescribes an average of 1500 to 2000 calories per day and that a suit chocolate already contains 700 soon, then you know you have to keep watching. Also avoid alcohol; during your liquid diet this is really taboo!

- Chew gum. 
Your teeth should continue to work to stay healthy. In a liquid diet you doing this course only, so use (sugarless) gum to compensate.

- Up to two weeks
To be sure that you do not take unnecessary risks, we recommend no more than two weeks to follow a liquid diet. Of course there are plenty of examples of people with a medical need that could save fine with a liquid diet for a longer period, but it is often still slightly different.
A liquid diet is ultimately not something you want to maintain the rest of your life and there are plenty of tasty alternatives.

Liquid diet: daily

A daily menu for a responsible liquid diet may be as follows:

Breakfast: Mix 1 cup nonfat yogurt, three tablespoons Brinta, half a banana and a handful of mixed fruit (eg strawberries and berries) to a delicious smoothie. Add sweetener or only one tablespoon of honey or cane sugar.

Snack: One cup of tomato soup is a good snack. The sweet tooth can take a glass of mixed fruit and vegetable juice.

Lunch: Take two cups of delicious pea soup you made ​​broth, fresh peas, potato, cream (not too much), spices and nuts. It may seem strange, but a handful of peanuts or cashews gives a wonderful flavor to your soup and ensures a good bond.
If you do not want green peas, you can use as an alternative beans.

Snack: One glass of chocolate milk or yogurt drink.

Dinner: For dinner you eat two plates of salmon soup you make broth, one large salmon fillet, 1 cup light cream, one potato, onion and tomato. Make the soup flavored with lemon zest and parsley.

Dessert: For dessert you can have a cup of light cream.

This liquid diet daily, you provide a healthy way to your daily nutritional needs without extremely low calories to take to you.
Drink plenty of water or herbal tea right, but do not go crazy. Besides your liquid diet sufficient magnum.
One or two cups of coffee without sugar, you may have also best.

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