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Healthy and fast weight loss: 40 simple but effective tips

Healthy and fast weight loss: 40 simple but effective tips

Learn healthy and lose weight fast with these 40 small tips!

lose weight fast

Lose one: Eat mindfully

Make real time for your meals and focus your full attention on what you eat. You'll enjoy your food more and faster saturated, so you're satisfied with less and are less likely to snack.
Also be mindful about why you actually eat. Are there unresolved negative emotions or distractions that you are looking for? Are you bored? Or it might be a habit? Often these are the very things that prevent weight loss quickly, such as the chocolate ice cream to comfort yourself, a bag of chips calories during a movie. Be aware of your reasons and pick up the cause.

Lose 2: Eat like a yogi

Hardcore yogis eat per meal no more than what fits in their samengekomde hands. Use smaller plates and bowls. So you eat less without feeling that you will lack anything. The eye wants to take some, and often you feel satisfied only when you (as you have been taught as a child) you clear the board.
If you sometime accidentally on purpose sinning example some ice, then use a small bowl and a small spoon and enjoy.

Lose 3: Stop dieting and learn healthy eating

There are countless diets. Every diet has its advantages and will one diet depending on your needs, preferences and temperament better suit you and work more effectively than the other.
But dieting is actually a symptom. You obesity is caused by wrong life choices and insufficient understanding of what is or is not good for you. Instead of following a diet, you better tackle the problem at its root to healthy, quick and long lasting weight loss. You do not have to starve yourself.Eat normal amounts, but focus mainly on healthy food.

Lose 4: Do not eat less, but more

Do you really not want to deprive yourself of anything? Then just eat more! More healthy things like raw vegetables with low-fat yogurt dip, more steamed vegetables to your meals or more delicious fresh fruit. Keep course your total calorie intake in mind.

Lose 5: Let fresh and juice stand

Replace soda and juice with water or herbal tea (without sugar or honey). It can be very hard to break that habit, but this small step can yield big results. A glass of cola or even healthier juice quickly delivers 100 or more calories.
If you for example, 3 glasses of water, juice, coffee or tea every day with sugar, then you are soon 300 calories per day. So by that deleting save more than 100,000 calories per year. You have to touch a lost 7000 pounds of fat burn calories, so that's almost fifteen pounds!
Eat prefer fiber (and filling!) Whole fruit and just drink water or herbal tea without sugar.

Lose 6: Let unnatural light refreshments are

Light drinks have little or no calories, but unfortunately often the sweeteners tend to your appetite .Due to the hungry you eat , so you get the calories you save in your drink just in a different way inside.
Light Products Stevia, a natural sweetener that has no calories and no unpleasant side effects are okay. I myself make for sweet thirst like ginger tea with lemon and stevia if I add some stevia and lemon to add sparkling water for a fresh lemonade.

Lose 7: Do not be tempted by Starbucks

Fancy coffee is. Unfortunately, many of these cartons are filled comfort cream and sugar. A cup of Starbucks soon contains 200 and sometimes 700 calories! Can not live without your caffeine kick, try to switch to green tea (sweetened with stevia).

Lose 8: Do not drink alcohol

Alcohol contains quite some calories and also of the liver, which just encourages the natural fat burning process. Alcohol has a negative effect And that's not a little bit too. According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition slow your metabolism by as much as 73%. Drink Moreover, you can take a sip on what foods to quickly wrong decisions you until you take and you move more easily skip a day because you feel you broke. So stop alcohol or stick with the occasional glass of red wine.

Lose 9: Do not be afraid of healthy fats

Your body now needs once fat so you do not studiously avoid all fat. Eat hesitate occasional avocado or some nuts. Although nuts are very fatty and high-calorie, fell according to a survey of Harvard about weight loss people daily handful of nuts ate faster than people who did not. off A little bit nuts you feel saturated very long, so you end up still ingest fewer calories.

Lose 10: Forget not dairy

A study at the university came to the conclusion that people who slowed 500 calories per day but some yoghurt ate three times a day, on average nearly six pounds and had lost more body fat than a control group that many calories reduced but not dairy at.
And according to Israeli investigation were those who drank two glasses of milk per day more successful in their weight loss attempts. Those who did were lost on average 2.5 pounds more than those who drank more than half a glass of milk per day.

Lose 11: Eat plenty of fiber-rich foods

It is important to get plenty of fiber in if you want to be healthy and lose weight quickly. Fibers stimulate and accelerate your digestion and act as a natural detoxifier. Besides, you feel more satisfied after eating high-fiber diet, so you can lose weight faster.
Replace white bread or white pasta with whole grain varieties, eat as many vegetables and add also enjoy some fruit and legumes to keep you inside clean.

Lose 12: Eat snacks and tasty things with few calories

For a special night or responsible snack you have to grab it with cola. Not exactly a bag of chipsThere are also plenty of snacks with low calories: Replace ice cream with a rocket (only 40 calories!), Replace chips and Coke by luchtgepopte popcorn or Japanese mix and stevia lemonade, replace coffee with unsweetened green tea, take a bowl of unsweetened yogurt with banana , enjoy crispy frozen berries or grapes or enjoy a luxury snack strawberries dipped in dark chocolate .

Lose 13: Take care of your beauty sleep

If you have enough sleep, your body produces more cortisol, a stress hormone that strengthens your appetite. Besides, you have when you are very tired quickly less willpower to say no to something else could easily leave you standing. So get plenty of sleep!

Lose 14: Make sure you get enough protein

If you try to eat less, make it sure that you still get enough protein. Eat every day dairy, nuts, legumes and grains.
A half cup of cottage cheese (eg Biogarde AH, that is vegetarian and organic curdled) quickly delivers 25 grams of high quality protein with only 135 calories! Use it as toppings on a toasted whole wheat bread with some tomato or cucumber and black pepper and you can enjoy responsibly!

Lose 15: Watch out with dressings and toppings

Watch out for ready-made dressings and toppings such as croutons, which often contain cheap and difficult to digest fats and high in calories. Bring your salad rather seasoned with a little cold pressed olive oil, vinegar and lemon.

Lose 16: Hunger yourself not

If you want to lose pounds and lost love then it is important that you do not starve yourself running.It is a mistake made easy while losing weight. Is Unfortunately, your body goes into survival mode if you do not feed enough, because it thinks you're in a famine.
It does work in the short term (though it is obviously unhealthy), but the pounds fly again as soon as you start eating normally again. Your body will desperately cling to the calories you ingest to celebrate the end of the famine and hard letting go. And fats
Also you will quickly fall prey to your cravings because you will reduce (by those hunger pangs and protein deficiency), so you may quickly attack a candy bar. Then your body clings desperately to back the fat you ingest that way, so that sounds harder again. And so you will quickly into a cycle.

Lose 17: Eat more often on a day

Eat For example, five meals throughout the day: breakfast, lunch and dinner, and in between two healthy snacks, such as vegetables with dip, some yogurt, fruit or a delicious healthy green smoothie.
You by spreading your meals less hungry and not have that nasty 'diet' feeling.

Lose 18: Do not miss breakfast on

Whether it is because of lack of time or because you think to save calories: do not do it and just eat your breakfast.
A good fiber breakfast brings your digestion going, so you burn more during the day. Moreover, you will have less appetite, and therefore less 'sin'.

Lose 19: Buy it just does not

Willpower is important, but sometimes you just do not do it, especially if it emotionally just not lucky.That is no disgrace. Be honest with yourself and your partner, if any, accept that you are not perfect and prepare for it. The best way to resist temptation is to simply have no junk food in the house. Do the same reason no messages on an empty stomach. Do not buy it make sure you do not have it at home!

Lose 20: Eat more slowly

Your body only register that you're full and satisfied after about 15-30 minutes. If you horkt quickly in while you watch TV, you feel that signal or not until it's too late. So eat slowly and chew your food well. Moreover, your saliva contains enzymes that help you digest food, so by taking your body chew your food better. Chew each mouthful at least 7-10 times (Ayurveda, the Indian health education, recommends even 30 times on) and you will experience the difference yourself. Really enjoy it. Be mindful.

Lose 21: Sinful occasionally conscious

Set a fixed date on which you may sin. In Maybe it's a dessert or a slice of pizza. It works very frustrating to be always busy with what you may not have. Controlled and moderate sin can be a relief and makes you better keep it up in between.
So the emphasis is really controlled and moderate. If you are on zondedag a pizza, milkshake, frappucino, bag of chips, chocolate bar and two liters of coke inside works, you end up with so many calories that you despite your diet the other day still too many calories to lose weight. Ingest on a weekly basis

Lose 22: Eat chocolate every day

Yes, it is really: chocolate - that infamous fattening - helps you lose weight. Chocolate contains numerous happiness fabrics such as anandamide, tryptophan, and theobromine. This happiness fabrics decreases your appetite and make you feel more comfortable in your own skin. In addition, chocolate also contains additional fiber and healthy fats.
The trick here is to eat every morning a small block pure (preferably raw) chocolate. Then you immediately you chocoladefix for that day had. By controlled and moderate enjoy all you have to provide less mental effort to control yourself the rest of the day.

Lose 23: Drink plenty of water

You do not really liters to work inside, but hunger can sometimes just be a sign that you are actually thirsty. Drink when hungry in between a glass of water and you'll be amazed how often you actually was thirsty. Do you really hungry, take a healthy and low-calorie snack.

Lose 24: Prepare your own meals at home

Do not often eat out and also leaves the cafeteria for what he is. If you prepare your own lunch at home, you have more control over your portions and you know how much fat is in it, the ingredients are fresh, etc.

Lose 25: Reward yourself the right way

If you walk just run half an hour, maybe you burned 300 calories. After that effort, it is tempting to treat yourself to something nice, but watch out that you do not immediately burn the calories you eat there again / drink! Reward yourself with a snack that is low in calories or reward yourself with something that has nothing to do with food.

Lose 26: Do what you eat

Keep a diary of how much you eat in a day. Sometimes you will be surprised that you actually eat more or less calorie stuff than you expected. Stand A bite here, a bite there ... = soon an ounce here, an ounce there.
Fortunately, there are numerous websites and apps to help you. My favorite is Lose It! . Even if you only have one week record of what you eat Zoal, you get all better understanding of where your strengths and weaknesses and prepare for yourself. An effective approach plan

Lose 27: Walking

Walking is a fun, easy and relaxing way to stay fit. Enjoy nature, explore your town or just try little tricks to entice yourself to walk more like your car further away parking or a stop before getting off the bus.
You have little discipline it takes, it's not hard on your joints (important for people with heavy preponderance!) And it costs you nothing special clothing or equipment. Moreover, half an hour already walking a day a positive effect on your health .

Lose 28: Do not depend on the gym

Often the threshold to go out your front door is just a little too high. Too cold, too hot, lazy ... Or maybe you will find the gym just too expensive. Fortunately, there are countless DVDs that can inspire you to also book home much result. And books The threshold is lower, nobody looks at you weird and you'll save time and money.
Dance your way slim with Bollywood , Brazilian dance or traditional Hula or buy a hula hoop and learn hope dance .
Also to grow muscles you do not leave home because you do not even need equipment to get leaner and stronger body> .

Lose 29: Do not be afraid of weights!

In particular, women are afraid of weight lifting, fearing that if bodybuilders do they look like. But to look like a female bodybuilder, you have to train really hard and also gigantic swallow "tools".
The effect on the average woman is true that you burn more calories and fat after weight training.Muscles burn more than fat = lose weight faster. Besides, you have average three times a week for half an hour lifting weights to do less risk of osteoporosis, depression, arthritis and you just feel more comfortable in your own skin.
A simple way to start weight lifting is kettlebells . I train myself three times a week with kettlebells and find it really fun to do! Personal trainer Jesse van der Velde has a full DVD series including kettlebells up so that you can achieve amazing results with it. Kettlebells combine maximizing the benefits of weight lifting with the benefits of cardio training. So you burn fat optimally! Try free and risk free 30 day DVDs and kettlebells out!

Lose 30: Keep track of how many moves you

Keep what you are doing exercise every day. This may be a diary, but for modern yogis are also numerous apps and websites for that, like RunKeeper and Fitocracy .
Fitocracy I use myself and I can really recommend it. It not only gives an overview of everything you've done, but mainly makes a game of it. Half an hour of intense Zumba done? 150 points there!The kick instead of the elevator? Also 10 bonus points there! You can find almost all types of sports and with it score points. In addition, there are special challenges to score extra points with it. The website is still in the testing phase and is accessible by invitation only. But I'm obviously not make you good with something you can not get, so here's an invitation .

Lose 31: Invest in sportswear

Although you can zumba and you jog or worn sweatpants, might as well be in your underwear extra incentive to buy clothing in which you feel attractive and good.
It need not be expensive (at the H & M they also have nice and cheap sportswear), or maybe you can give a makeover old shirt. The point is that you have to feel good.

Lose 32: Small steps for a big result

Small steps can yield many results even with exercise. Grab more often the bike instead of the car or take the stairs instead of the elevator. So you burn extra calories and strengthen your muscles without having to have much time to pull off.

Lose 33: Realize that you can not fall locally

Want a flat stomach? Unfortunately, with only sit-ups you do not get there because you stronger abs are hiding under the layer of fat. Local weight loss does not exist. You'll need to lose weight in general and to burn fat. Unfortunately, your body decides where and in what order. Usually you see the first result on the place where you last arrived. So those rolls of fat Christmas will be happy probably the first to go from there again!

Lose 34: Surround yourself with healthy, positive people

It can greatly help to get support from like minded and positive people. You encourage each other to keep it full, or to continue pushing oneself when needed. Whether you're looking for support group in your yoga or gym or above Fitocracy, it helps tremendously to see people working on the same.Motivation and support are essential.

Lose 35: Reduce Stress

In times of stress many people come easily. Stress your search faster refuge in (mostly fat and calorie) food because you "deserve" it and moreover affects the digestive system, so you can not just get constipation but also the pounds easier, eg lying.
Exercise also decreases stress, so that's extra motivation!
Meditate , take a warm bath or care for low-calorie and healthy snacks when you know that you are a stress eater.

Lose 36: Be Realistic

Those pounds are slowly bijgeslopen, so you will they not all be lost within a week. Make sure you set achievable goals so you do not become disappointed and give up. It is for permanent weight loss anyway not recommended to have more than one kilo per week weight loss. And even that is pretty much.
Moreover weigh more muscle than fat, so maybe you still weigh the same, but you without realizing it already a couple of inches lost. So starving yourself not, make sure you get enough protein and other nutrients and move.
The ultimate goal of fast weight loss is finally to feel good about yourself and be healthier. Healthy weight loss is not a goal in itself, it is a means.

Lose 37: Do not dwell on the scale

You better not step on the scale every day. Once a week is more than enough and may even be deceptive. For example, if you so follow my advice and strength training using kettlebells can do it, you seem like you book little or no progress. Muscle weighs more than fat ie.
Therefore Take before and after photos of yourself and measure yourself. That gives reliable and measurable results.

Lose 38: Improve your emotional relationship with food

Are you an emotional eater? Become aware of the reasons why you reach for food to comfort yourself and how you feel this. If you're craving cookies or other unhealthy things, chances are that you're dealing with emotional hunger rather than physical hunger. Treat yourself to a healthy snack, something fun or a massage. Meditate and get your problem at the source.

Lose 39: Do not Give Up

There will always be times when it is not anything less or you feel fast enough. Or maybe you just come at a difficult time right so you tend to comfort eating, or maybe you have a busy period so you do not have a week can work yourself. But do not give up! It does not mean that all your effort is for naught if you can not. Just start again where you left off, think of the small steps and continue.

Lose 40: Realize that you have a choice

You're the one who makes a choice to eat a chocolate bar when you know you really should not do it or that ijskuip devours. They force not matter. You You make the choice to eat it. So make the right choice to leave.
Isha Judd wrote about in her article Are you a victim or a creator of your reality? . Take responsibility for your choices and do not see yourself as a victim of circumstances or your own mind. You actually control how much you eat and how much you move. And finally the secret formula still: eat less + exercise more = lose weight quickly.

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