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Insulin resistance diet - The big culprit!

Insulin resistance diet - The big culprit!

insulin resitance dietObesity increases the likelihood of getting a variety of degenerative diseases such as heart -en vascular disease and diabetes.
That is the reason that many people do all kinds of things to get to a healthy weight and maintain it.

Unfortunately, it appears that it is very difficult to realize this.
98% of people who diet falls back within 2 years and has a weight equal to or greater than the weight at which they started the diet.

The number of overweight people is increasing.
At present, more than 40% of the people to be heavy and therefore have an increased risk.

Diabetes II is well on its way to becoming disease number one.
Diabetes is a harbinger of the Metabolic Syndrome (also called pre-diabetes.)
The Metabolic Syndrome is caused by a combination of lack of exercise and poor diet.

What is Metabolic Syndrome?
metabolic syndrome overview Metabolic syndrome is a combination of a number of disorders namely:
metabolic syndrome
Increased blood glucose
High blood pressure
Increased cholesterol
Elevated triglycerides

The Metabolic Syndrome (pre-diabetes) is a modern epidemic.

25% of the adult has metabolic syndrome
25% of the adult is in the early stages of the metabolic syndrome
33% of children will develop diabetes

What symptoms indicate (the creation of) the metabolic syndrome?

  • Energy Continuous fatigue, daytime sleepiness or drowsiness or drowsiness after meals.
  • Nervous Lack of concentration, poor memory, poor work performance under pressure.
  • Nutrition Needs candy, soft drinks or coffee between meals, disappearance of fatigue after eating, irritability before meals, feeling faint when the meal is delayed, the morning hard to get going, feeling hungry between meals or at night .
  • Other Vibration (shaking) of the hands, blurred vision, dizziness, light-headedness, coordination problems (dropping things, bumping into things), excessive sweating, muscle spasms or cramps, much thirst, excessive urination, weight changes.

Does diet?
In the first instance, the glycogen reserve is consumed. Then the body will burn kitonen.
There is then burned half fat and half muscles. Since the muscles, reduce, there is also, ultimately, less burned.
Most of the calories consumed by the muscles, but the muscles of the calories may not record.

What can or will be done?
It turns out that the following a diet does not work. The reasons for this are:

A diet is a short term solution to a long-term problem
Most diets are unbalanced and unhealthy (eliminating all fat and carbohydrates, while the body fat and carbohydrates needed)
A diet does not solve the root cause ie insulin resistance.
Research has shown that prediabetes (Metabolic Syndrome), diabetes and in the same way should be treated, ie. Due to a change in lifestyle.
NOT by medicines. It is thereby important that the insulin resistance is addressed.

Insulin resistance
Insulin residual variance occurs mainly through diet avoiding big spikes in blood sugar levels.
These peaks allow you quick energy, but shortly after experiencing a dip.
Blood sugar levels plummet so that creates a very low blood sugar.
This is a situation gevaalijke for the body. The body will produce stress hormones and release.
These stress hormones cause oxidative stress.

blood sugar

Oxidative stress is a metabolic state wherein more than a normal physiological amount of reactive oxygen species in the cells is present.
Because of that free radicals are released which cause of many degenerative diseases.

The high peaks in blood sugar caused by fast simple carbohydrates.
The complex slow carbohydrates have no large peaks and therefore no major declines.

The Glycemic Index is a standard for the different foods.

To prevent or reduce insulin resistance is therefore important mainly foods with a low glycemic index to consume.

If you want to lose weight and to reduce insulin resistance, you can delete the best bread, potatoes, white or jasmine rice, pasta and cereal for about 4 weeks from the diet.
These products all have a very high glycemic index.

There are quite find replacement products. Thus, it is better to take fruit fructose (fruit sugar) something containing granulated sugar.
Granulated sugar has a GI of 70, Fructose has a GI of 20

Instead of jasmine rice you can take basmati rice or brown rice.
Jasmine rice has a GI of 115. Basmati rice has a GI of 50

High GI products also ensure that you get more pull in food.
There are even scientists who assume that the binge eating that we gather under emotion eat anything with emotions Hebbe to make, but the result of insulin resistance are.

Look here a list of foods and their glycemic index.

It has been shown that can be done, the Insulin resistance offset by a well program. The risk of relapse is therefore very small.

How such a program look like then?
Proper diet with foods with a low GI
Adequate exercise (30 minutes per day) five days a week
Dietary supplements in a very high dose. The normal dietary supplements provide a basic dose. However, this is not sufficient to provide the proper amount of anti-oxidants.
I hope I've been able to identify well with this article how important it is to prevent or reduce insulin resistance.

Leave your comment below or tips behind.

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