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best foods for weight loss

By what power can I lose weight?

healthy weight loss
That your diet has a major impact on your body knows basically everyone. It is therefore important to take a critical look at both the nutrition benefits of a healthy and slim body comes as the nutrition obesity works in hand.

What foods can I better not eat?

For general health and your ambition to lose weight it's best to avoid the following foods and beverages:
  • candy
  • cake and cake
  • carbonated drinks fresh (think cola)
  • chips and fatty snacks
  • fast food
In addition to the above list a number of foods that you should avoid completely or severely needs to reduce:
  • foods with excessive sugar
  • foods with a high content of saturated fat
  • foods with a high content of trans fatty acids
  • foods with a high content of sodium
All of these foods have different own sheep in common, the most important is that they all contain a high calorie level. Also, the above foods very fast and easy to prepare and they are above all perceived as good. If that's not enough yet deter you can always rely on the fact that there is scientific and medical research into those foods which has become clear that a large number of health risks may occur when one frequently ingest these foods. In short, both in terms of weight loss from a health perspective, the above foods are far from desirable and should be eaten in moderation.

What foods are advisable to get in?

You'll be surprised how much you can actually eat without compromising your goal is to reach your target weight. What is extremely important to observe is that you all create a good balance. If you are already working for some time with weight loss then the chances are that you have seen significantly different diets come by restricting certain foods or even whole groups of foods.
Consider the complete avoidance of carbohydrates, or carbs, no fat, or fat, low fat, a diet where you can tars only cabbage soup or tropical fruits, etc. You know the drill.
You can not come up with, there is a food to which a diet is based. As long as you avoid the bad foods mentioned above and ensure that you get enough protein, fat and carbohydrates causes then you are well on your way to a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Despite all the extreme diets and fads body has a decent amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Below, we will be there more detail.


The main building block of our muscles is protein. To build up the muscles in the body a certain amount of protein is needed. They have eaten as many people feel that is often because the proteins they ate must first be broken before the amino acids contained in the protein can be fully used. Good To Know: 'every gram of protein contains 4 calories "
The following foods are a good source of protein: chicken, eggs, nuts, (lean) meats, fish, poultry and all kinds of beans.

How do I distinguish between good and bad fats?

Many people associate fat by definition as being bad. However, there is indeed a distinction between good and bad fats. It will therefore some surprise that it is recommended that a maximum of 30% of daily calories from fat to get.
A distinction can be made between four different type of fat, and there is therefore a clear difference between these four types of fat. The types of fat you want to minimize and avoid are trans fat and saturated fat. In contrast, polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats two forms of fat which are good for the body. Below here you will find good sources of fat:
  • fish (halibut, salmon, herring, mackerel, sardines)
  • olive oil
  • flaxseed oil and fish oil
  • seeds and nuts
  • avocados
Good to know is that 1 gram of fat contains 9 calories. The weight in fat gives the body so twice as many calories as protein. You weight loss will continue as long as you take the recommended amount of fat per day, not hinder. If you would be fat intake comes largely from healthy fats even help with losing weight and improving health.

Distinction between Carbohydrates

As with fats, there are certain types of carbohydrates that are good for your body a particular type of carbohydrate that it is better to minimize that. The type of carbohydrates that you preferably avoid the simple carbohydrates. Simple carbohydrates are less ideal for the body because of the speed at which the body absorbs them. Namely This speed has a negative effect on our blood insulin levels. An exception is a meal that you take immediately after an intense workout. Examples of simple carbs are white bread, white rice, sugary food soft drinks such as cola, sweets and processed foods.
The "good" carbohydrates are complex carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are more slowly absorbed by the body which means you also achieves a constant energy Good sources of carbohydrates found in:. Whole wheat and whole grain products, beans, (sweet) potatoes, (unpolished) rice, oatmeal, fruits and vegetables.
Carbohydrates have actually replaced fat as the nutrient that everyone wants to avoid as much as possible lately. However, it is important to know that all the negative things you hear about carbohydrates krijgtje refer to simple carbohydrates, also known as the "bad" colleagues. The complex carbohydrates, also known as the good carbs, will still be recommended by any nutritionist to create a balanced and healthy diet.

Healthy drink habits

Can healthy eating habits in a healthy lifestyle not lacking. Now we have got what foods are beneficial for a healthy body, understanding it is now useful to look at what is healthy for you to drink. Many experts believe that calories should not be taken in liquid form. There is no doubt that drinking the easiest way to get large amount of calories. If you combine that with the knowledge that drinks give you a full feeling (not satiate his) then you know the same why many people are overweight when they ingest a lot of calories through drinking behavior. So watch out!
It is therefore advisable to avoid soft drinks and energy drinks as much as possible. Fruit juices are often not as healthy as people think. A wide range of fruit juices contain added sugars, added other unhealthy nutrients and a good number of calories. A much better alternative is to eat the fruit itself which also provides a fuller feeling. Especially if you want to go on eating binges.
What then is healthy to drink? What your body really needs, even once is free and contains 0 calories .. Water! Drinking green tea is also healthy.

Create a healthy lifestyle in the long run!

Reading this article will be inspiring for many. New targets are set to lose weight and adopt a healthier lifestyle. Although you can by reading this article to learn more about the basic aspects of weight loss and a healthy lifestyle, it's still missing you a concrete plan to work towards that leaner and healthier body.
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