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Healthy Snacks for weight loss

Healthy Snacks for weight loss

For many women and men who are overweight, it is a struggle for years: to lose weight. For some, a positive word, lose weight because it symbolizes a new life. For others it may be a negative word. A word that symbolizes the fight against yourself state. For nothing can dispense food and hard. But is losing weight really suffered? Or do we think that just?
Weight Loss

Crash Diets

When talking about weight loss, we tend to think of eating less. Ideally, we want those excess pounds as quickly as possible to lose. We are almost attacked by the many commercials, which many crash diets are promoted. Is not it via television or the internet, it is done through the colorful brochure that falls in the mailbox. Everywhere is our promised that a slim build only a matter of a few weeks is biting. You just need to follow a crash diet, you will lose weight naturally!

The advantages of a crash diet and disadvantages

In the short term crash diet has benefits. So you will by eating less, burn more calories and therefore quickly lose some of your excess weight. Because you need only for a short period watching your diet, you also do not touch fast you lose focus. However, a disadvantage is that you often do not get enough nutrients in the diets. You will also soon be letting go the reins again, so you finally arrive back in weight.

Healthy weight loss in 7 Steps

A crash diet offers long term so no solution. But how can you be healthy and permanent weight loss? One possibility is through the seven steps of the Nutrition Centre to follow, namely:
  • First calculate your BMI , depending on whether it is necessary to lose weight
  • Then ask yourself whether this is the right time for you to lose weight
  • Do not fall more than 0.5 to 1 kg per week off. So it is better to keep going and make sure that you do not lose weight quickly
  • Eat less than you do now, but eat really healthy. Make also sure that you consume enough calories
  • Try not often take products with fat, sugar and alcohol
  • Eat varied
  • Move and sports more

Hormonal changes

However, losing weight is so simple, why is the maintenance of a diet in practice so difficult? According to Chris Hinnen , a psychologist at the Slotervaart Hospital in Amsterdam, hormonal changes which occur during dieting, we received a signal that drives us to eat more. This makes it difficult to maintain a diet and lose weight if we experience waiver. But how can we make sure that we get rid of that negative feeling and the excess pounds?

A healthy diet

This is possible by means of the creation of a regular and healthy diet . You will cause stomach filled with healthy food and no longer will you have a tendency to reach for high-calorie snacks. In addition, you keep burning fat going through several eating occasions per day plans.

A snack for the quick trekRaw

Tasty and healthy snacks for weight loss indispensable.This should make to it that your body, in addition to the three main meals, with food on time. Under healthy snacks we mean include:
  • Fruit, for example, a banana or an apple.
  • Vegetable, eg cherry tomatoes or cucumber.
  • Dairy, for example, a glass of milk, a bowl of cottage cheese or low-fat yogurt.
  • Savoury food products, for example, a muesli, or a rice cake.
  • A quick snack for the TV, for example a piece of toast with toppings or lean ham with pickle.

Is weight loss really suffered?

And then we eventually come back to the questions that we asked at the beginning of this article. Is weight loss really suffered? Or do we think that just? It turns out that do not need to lose weight does not waive his.Losing weight means making choices and finding a balance between the foods you until you take daily. In addition, means to take it easy, so there is a permanent weight loss occurs. And fall means enjoy. A healthy snack is essential in weight loss.

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