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weight loss after pregnancy

weight loss after pregnancy
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Even though pregnant and have a baby get a special and wonderful experience, yet you really want to have put on weight as quickly as possible. It prefers a good and healthy weight. Or you can easily reach a healthy weight is primarily dependent on your weight before pregnancy. That when there was already talk of being overweight or underweight, affect your weight after giving birth. 

It is normal that you are retaining fluid after your birth for some time. You do not have to be disappointed even if you go after a few days on the scale and the pointer swing too high.Also it does not say for nothing: 9 months on, 9 months off.Also take time. Taking care of yourself and healthy and responsible lifestyle and food is of great importance. Especially when you have just become a mother. That requires a lot of energy. 

When heavier than pre-pregnancy weight after pregnancy also has implications for the possible subsequent pregnancy. It is important that you come back to your old weight after pregnancy. Is a Swedish research has been conducted namely 150,000 women of normal weight. The risk of high blood pressure was 3 pounds when they had already arrived after a pregnancy Increases. The risk of gestational diabetes was increased by 30% and also the chance of having a baby with a high birth weight was increased. So (again) reach healthy weight is important, especially when you want to get pregnant again. 

When watching a healthy and responsible lifestyle is not sufficient to achieve a healthy weight, you should contact your doctor and / or dietitian. It can work with you to see how you can achieve the desired outcome in your situation. What works for you, do not work for another. Each body is unique and you can also enable the most appropriate help for appropriate advice. Good luck with the weight loss! 

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