Tuesday, October 21, 2014

These compounds are tiny wonders for your appearance

Amino acids are probably best known as the building blocks of proteins for increasing muscle growth. They can also help in the production of collagen in the body to fight the signs of aging. Here are some examples of amino acids and their benefits.

Benefici per la bellezza con gli aminoacidi  

Arginine for anti-aging benefits

This semi-essential amino acid is produced in the body, but can also be received by the consumption of red meat, almonds, spinach and lentils. Studies have shown that supplements of L-arginine may help increase the production of collagen (1), which keeps the skin strong and healthy aging and provide other benefits.

Lysine skin health

An essential amino acid, the lysine cannot be produced in the body and can be supplemented by foods such as fish, beef, chicken and milk. An important part of the soft tissue repair, lysine promotes the healing of damaged skin. For this reason, taking a supplement of lysine can be useful for people with acne or topical wounds.

Cystine for healthy hair

This nonessential amino acid is found in about 15% of the skin and hair. Formed by the disulfide bond between two molecules of cysteine ​​, cystine is known to promote hair growth because it increases the production of a protein called keratin.

Methionine for weight loss

As an essential amino acid, the methionine is used in the body to produce proteins that can help you improve you lose weight, speed up the metabolism and strengthen the immune system. The methionine also helps in the production of a compound called creatine , which produces muscle energy, or ATP (adenosine triphosphate), and promotes healthy muscle contractions, such as when lifting weights.
Eating protein-rich foods such as chicken, eggs, beans and broccoli can help maintain high levels of these essential nutrients. If you need further help, BIOVEA has available amino acid supplements that can help boost weight loss, strengthen the skin and accelerate the growth of hair.

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