Tuesday, October 28, 2014

running for weight loss

Over forty percent of the runners is hard to lose weight. And preferably at least 9 kilograms. Nevertheless lose weight with exercise alone is not so easy. Only when there are a lot of mileage running makes sure that you actually lose weight. The combination of more exercise and eat healthier or less is seen as an effective way to get some (fat) to lose weight. And although it seems contradictory, can run make it easier to also eat less: Today everything about running and your appetite.
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120 sandwiches for 1 kg weight loss
Want to lose some weight by going to eat less than you are guaranteed to have the whole day to face with cakes, cones fries and other delicacies you precisely're looking to stand. You have to lose with just diet (no extra movement) weight a decent stayer be. You have to eat a kilo of weight quickly around 7000-9000 calories less than you need: these are about 100-120 sandwiches. In other words, asking for hunger (pull). By eating both healthier and more sports you kill two birds with one stone; you consume more energy and it turns out that also reduces your appetite by exercise correctly. But you do not just get more appetite for a workout?
Appetite is determined by your hormones
Your appetite is determined by the communication between your brains, your digestive system and your fat mass. The feeling that you are full after a meal is the result of a right signal from your stomach to your brains. Blazing be subsequently issued hormones that started with the digestion, absorption of nutrients and give you the signal that you have eaten enough. In addition there are hormones in the body that indicate how much energy the body still has in stock. Many of these hormones in your blood means that your appetite is inhibited; you've eaten enough and your body has enough energy. The hormone ghrelin, however, is active when you just do want / need to eat. This hormone is made by way of experiment extra tablets than you get spontaneous desire to eat. Underweight people get often administered to ensure that they are easier to get some more in. Care
Flink sports: appetite increase or decrease?
Many athletes do not have much pull. After a hard workout Although you have consumed a lot of energy your body indicates that there's not a need for food. IsThis is because strenuous exercise reduces ghrelin in your body. As a result, less appetite. An effect which lasts about one hour. Research has shown that only 20% of people after exercise eat more than they would without the effort. 65% eat the same and 16% eat even less after the energy-consuming activity.
Train your appetite
When you are in long-term training and loses fat is your appetite significantly inhibited. A loss of fat mass also means a decrease in the hormone PYY (peptide YY), resulting in less appetite to eat. But there is a danger in this. Your appetite is also strongly influenced by your environment and your habits. If you are going to exercise by eating more and accustomed to larger quantities you need during rest periods or weather deleting some of your menu. Listen to your body and your appetite is very important! In such situations
Sports on height and your appetite
Is your sport you even more height than inhibited appetite. Although you energy at height is considerably higher than at sea level your appetite remains the same. Or even decreases. Just as exercising in a hot environment. Sport your other hand under cold conditions than you take appetite just add extra.
Difference between men and women
Men often lose more weight if they exercise than women. This probably has to do with the appetite-inducing hormone leptin. This is especially in women created more when they work out.
Other anorectic business
Will you lose weight make easier and inhibit your appetite further. Would you take can keep with next. Foods rich in protein (dairy, lean meat and fish), food in liquid form (soup!) And a better distribution of your diet on the day (several eating occasions) each house a greater satiety. And thus more likely to resist the temptation of those tarts and cones fries

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