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Is The Dukan Diet Really That Effective For Weight Loss?

Is The Dukan Diet Really That Effective For Weight Loss?
The main emphasis of this diet is eating a high protein diet which is crucial in the initial phase of four with this program. This diet is based on the consumption of foods rich in only protein especially in the first phase. An assortment of food allowed in this plan are lean meat, beef except the rib part, eggs, sea food and low fat (less than 5% fat) dairy products. This is seems ideal for people who are non-vegetarian.
On the other hand if you are a vegetarian how can this Dukan diet work for you? Unfortunately the selection of food in the first stage of this diet known as the attack phase, will be a bit limiting for you. The time of this phase is for a maximum time of 10 days which is workable. Like any new habit or routine sticking at something for a few days is the biggest hurdle after that it will become easier.

You are able to see two sides with the Dukan diet plan as like most plans there are pros and cons.

The pros being: - the numbers of successful stories from people who have lost a lot of weight with this diet.

This diet is meant to help you to maintain the weight loss over your lifetime.

It is simple to follow and very cost effective. Eating mainly protein helps with the feeling of being full. A big benefit is your chance to overindulge in the foods that needed to be forbidden before and during the latter stages of this diet plan.

The cons being: - As it focuses on protein this is very restrictive There side effects such as bad breathe, feeling tired, There will be increases in uric acid levels and cholsterol in the body You may suffer from constipation or diarrhea Some strain on the kidneys if this diet is continued for a long time

With any situation you need to weigh up the pros and cons to see if it is in your best interest to follow the Dukan diet or not. It will be advisable to consult with your doctor beforehand especially if your suffer from kidney or cholesterol problems. It is also considered unsafe for those who have a history of electrolyte imbalance.

The initial stage, as already mentioned above, is based on an only-protien diet which will force your body to function on the already stored fats in the body, called ketosis.

This is the key to losing your body weight. There are many other diet plans which are also based on ketosis. The process of ketosis forces the body to start using its own reserve of fat. Some physicians do not consider this healthy.

The only effective way to remove the uric acid level in the body is to drink lots of water, to enable the body to flush it out. The side effect of constipation that comes as part of the first stage of the diet plan can also be overcome by drinking plenty of water.

Also the dukan diet encourages having oat barn and/or wheat flakes to over come this unpleasant side effect.

Remember this is only one stage of four and if you are able to go throught with it then the results may well be similar to the celebrities like Jennifer Lopez.

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