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Ayurvedic Diet Remedies for Weight Loss

Ayurvedic Diet Remedies for Weight Loss

Weight Loss the Ayurvedic Diet way
For millions of Americans, Ayurvedic remedies for weight loss provide the components for burning off excess fat that diet plans fail to address. The problem with many diet plans and fads is that they do not take into account essential characteristics of the human body. The three elements, or dosha, of the body that are highlighted by Ayurvedic medicine must be put in perfect harmony in order to get rid of excess fat, as well as staying generally healthy. The kasha dosha constitution focuses on the earth elements of the body. Imbalance in the kasha often leads to obesity, high blood pressure, hypertension, heart disease, and risk of organ failure.

Those on an Ayurvedic diet lose weight not by counting calories or skipping meals, but focusing on the ability of Ayurvedic recipes for weight loss to reconfigure the impaired body elements. While the kasha dosha is most likely the cause of weight concern, it is not uncommon for those with other element body types to experience difficulties maintaining a healthy body structure.

The pitta element is that of fire, used as a means of burning energy derived from your diet. Naturally, a failure in the pitta dosha to properly process meals will result in too much energy stored on your body in the form of fat. Likewise, the vata dosha usually results in trim and healthy body figures, but an intake of too much unhealthy food for this body type will reverse the natural metabolism and build up clumps of body fat.

The Ayurvedic way to lose weight focuses on several different aspects of daily life. Unlike simply trimming down on portion size, reducing carbohydrates, or intensifying workout, Ayurvedic medicine stresses that many different steps may be taken on the path to healthier living. This includes normal diet and exercise, but also meditation, massage, oil treatments, hygiene, and spiritual fulfillment. After all, there is no point in cutting down on the calories of your everyday meals if you lack the self discipline and commitment to see it through and sustain a healthy ways of life.

Persons using these approaches of the Ayurvedic diet reduce weight by different means, but the Ayurvedic herbal approach is often agreed to be the most important. Certain herbs increase the pitta element within -- even for body types that are not normally associated strongly with the pitta dosha -- which results in greater metabolic strength, more energy throughout the day, better blood circulation, and ultimately more fat being processed by the body. Ginger may be the most important herb; those practicing Ayurvedic remedies lose weight at a much accelerated pace when they drink two to three cups of ginger tea each day complemented with a small quantity of ginger before meals. The herb not only causes the pitta to burn at a higher rate, but will temporarily restrict the taste buds, suppressing the appetite and causing less food to be taken in.

Spicy herbs, such as cumin, black pepper, cinnamon, mustard seed, and cayenne are all strongly advised in Ayurvedic recipes for weight loss. Like ginger, a spicy herb will function as acceleration for the metabolic process. These spices contain a type of oil that, when released, cause the body to go into a state of higher function. The digestion works faster to process the oil, while the heart pumps larger quantities of blood in order to activate the sweat glands and release the heat. As such, spicy food works as a miniature workout, allowing a portion of the meal to be burned off in the process of eating it!

The simplistic approach to losing weight via fad diets does not work for long. In fact nearly 100% of diet plans fail over the course of a decade. However, following a diet the Ayurvedic way will not only transform your body, but your energy levels and daily life. Ayurvedic remedies for weight loss focus on the process of food via the pitta dosha. Addressing imbalances or speeding up the dosha will keep your body's natural elements balanced and in harmony.
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